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Please Note: Do not waste your time and ours by offering payment for just getting backlinks. And Read the Instruction carefully before sending the article.  

Renolon welcomes your thoughts and ideas. 

If you are interested or have knowledge that you want  to share with our audience that are interested in business, marketing, or anything highly relevant to business, marketing then we would like to hear from you.

If you want to write for us then please read the instructions before submitting your content to

Before you read the instructions, please learn a little bit more about Renolon and its audience. 

What do we do

  • We provide accurate insights into business, marketing, and business finance.
  • We offer helpful tips and guides for small businesses.
  • We provides up-to-date statistics and information on a variety of topics

Our target audience 

  • People who want to learn about small business, business marketing, business social media, and software.
  • People who are interested in statistics and data about business, marketing, social media. 
  • People who want to start a side hustle or start work from home. 

Instruction in General for Guest Post


  • Article or post must compelling to our reader
  • Well-researched, data-driven, and in-depth blog post
  • Written in blog friendly style.
  • Article must be SEO optimized for search engine ranking. (Do some research)
  • Include relevant subtopics in the article.
  • Only include relevant resources. You can also use quotes and backlinks to personal websites or resources.
  • Easy to Read and understand. 
  • Content must be 1800 – 2500 words.
  • Use royalty free images.
  • Google Docs


  • Promotional post 
  • Content less than 1800 words.
  • Offer money for publishing guest posts with backlinks.
  • Outbound links are not relevant or linking to spammy domains.
  • Submit article in Microsoft Words. (only google docs)

Article Writing and Formatting

  • Must be written in Google Docs
  • 1800 word or more
  • Make sure to provide  grammatical errors free content
  • Use a proper heading tag.
  • Use royalty free images.

And please do not send your content to if you do not meet the criteria. 

Approved Current Article Topics [Updated: 5/13/2022]

Please confirm with us the topics before starting drafting or writing the article.

  1. 10 Reasons Businesses Are Now Willing To Become Green 
  2. 15 Eco-Friendly Brands You Should Know
  3. 10 Major Disadvantages Of Going Green For Businesses And How To Manage Them
  4. 12 Eco Friendly Shoe Brands That Will Give Your Feet A Buzz
  5. 10 Eco-Friendly Fashion Brands On The Planet
  6. 11 Top Sustainable Companies To Invest In in 2022 That Care About Our Planet And Not Their Bottom Line
  7. 27 Free Local Business Advertising Ideas (Without Being A Jerk)
  8. 10 Proven Local Business Marketing Strategies To Grow Your Business
  9. 7 Reasons Why Are Small Business Important That Made A Big Difference
  10. 15 Way to Utilize Social Media Marketing For Local Businesses to Take Your Local Businesses to the Next Level
  11. The Ultimate List Of Free Local Business Directories In USA
  12. 14 Examples Of False Advertising That Are Crazy and Hilarious
  13. 15 Extraordinary Examples of Persuasive Advertising in 2022

What is Guest Posting

Guest posting occurs when you write for a blog other than your own. You create content, be it an article or video, and allow that blog to publish that content. 

There are various reasons one might guest post: increased exposure and traffic, building relationships with other bloggers/website owners, and search engine optimization. 

It’s a great way to boost your website’s traffic, even if you’re a new blogger.

Guest posting is an effective way for you to market yourself and your business, drive visitors to your site, and build relationships with other bloggers. 

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