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If You Want to get a discount on your money transfer then you are able to use the worldremit referral code to get a $20 bonus when you send a $100 dollars transfer amount. 

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How is Worldremit Referral Code Work?

Basically you need to download the app and use the worldremit referral code to start sending money and earn a bonus.

Definition of WorldRemit

In order to facilitate and make international transfers faster, WorldRemit is established to that. WorldRemit is an extensive banking network that is available in several countries to transfer your currencies.

No need to go to an agency. You can send money in 70 currencies, to 130 countries, from your mobile or computer. It’s amazing to experience that!

How does WorldRemit work?

You have several options to realize the payment. If you choose for a wire transfer, you must transfer the funds directly into the specific account details provided by WorldRemit.

Another way to pay for your transfer is by using your debit or credit cardprepaid cardApple Pay, Android Pay, and also Sofort.

Know that before proceeding to payment, all needed information related to your transaction will be presented to you. Then, you will know transfer fees, change rates, and estimated transfer time.

NB: Keep in mind that rates offered to you daily are only valid for 24 hours, so you need to make sure you transfer the funds within this time.

Traditional money transfer methods usually use the SWIFT network. It’s very expensive and money transactions can take up to 3 days to be accomplished.

Now that you know how the WorldRemit payment system works, let’s take a look at how the money will be received by the beneficiary.

How does the recipient receive their money?

Although payment for your World Remit transfer is made online, you have a number of options to choose from regarding how the recipient receives the money.

Bank to bank

It’s the most common transfer option to send the money to the recipient’s bank account. This option is available in over 150 different countries. Before choosing the way of transfer, make sure that you have access to all the relevant banking information of the person you want to transfer the funds to, such as the name of its bank, its IBAN number and also its SWIFT code.

As soon as the bank transfer is complete, the funds are deposited directly into the account you specified.

Collecting money

If your recipient doesn’t have any bank account, or if this person is located in a country where WorldRemit doesn’t have a banking partner, you may need to consider a cash pickup.

The recipient will need to go to a supported WorldRemit partner location and collect the cash. Know that each supported country will have its own partnership agreements. So you will need to check the WorldRemit website to find out where the recipient needs to go.

For Western Union or MoneyGram, the recipient has to display a government-issued ID before the funds are remitted, with the WorldRemit transaction ID.

Mobile transfers

Although less popular in the United Kingdom, many countries in third world regions now rely heavily on mobile payments.

When you send funds to the recipient by using a mobile payment, the recipient can purchase goods and services from multiple partner sites. All they need to do is show the seller their mobile wallet, which is then digitized or transferred directly to the location.

Transfer fees

Besides the transfer fees imposed by WorldRemit, you should determine whether you will be charged a fee for making a payment. You will not be charged anything for making a payment, regardless of the payment method you choose.

However, there may be times when the payment issuer charges you. For example, if you use a credit card to pay for the transfer, your credit card issuer may charge you additional fees. This is because the transfer is likely to be perceived as a cash advance, which could cost around 3%.

For transactions that will be operated by a bank outside of the sending country, you may incur an overseas transaction fee.

Transfers duration

As with the transfer fee structure, transfer times with World Remit can vary wildly. This will depend in particular on the type of payment method used, on how the recipient will receive the funds and the country of the money recipient.

When it comes to fundraising and mobile payments, this is usually the fastest type of money transfer. In fact, the majority of payments will be processed within a few minutes.

For bank transfers, transactions are generally slower. And the duration will depend on the location of the recipient’s bank and even the day or time of the transfer.

WorldRemit subscription

It’s simple, you have to :

  • ­create an account through the company’s online platform
  • go through a basic KYC, i.e. Know Your Customer process
  • provide a range of personal information that includes your full name, address, date of birth, nationality, and your contact number.
  • provide identification documents.

Features of WorldRemit

Sign up

WorldRemit establishes some features on the money transfer app. It facilitates all the process of inscription and verification.

No matter what operating system you have, Android or iOS phone, it’s easy for you to register to the WorldRemit community. You have to use the profile tab on your application to make the transaction.

Besides, you can verify all details of your account when there is money transfer that you have to do. Then, you just have to click on thesection : ‘Verify your account’ after entering the profile tab in your WorldRemit app.

Manage your cards

For regular transactions with WorldRemit, this feature is very useful. Then, if you pay often by debit/credit card, you will surely find this feature helpful.

Now, it’s possible and easier to manage your cards. It means that you can easily update your existing debit/credit cards or connect new ones in the accounts section of your account.

Referral system

You can invite your relative or friend to benefit from WorldRemit services ! So don’t hesitate to share this love. The aim is to let others know the easy way of sending and receiving money at lower costs.

So, for the first time, we’re running a new ‘Refer a Friend’ scheme that rewards recipients for all the new senders they introduce to us.

With WhatsApp

For people who talk to their family  and friends via WhatsApp, they can receive notifications instantly and it will appear in the status of WorldRemit operation. Anyway, you can get notification via SMS or email.

WorldRemit provides this feature because WhatsApp is a sure and reliable messaging app.

Worldremit app

Immediate transaction

According to your transfer method, for example cash withdrawal, mobile wallet, or wire transfer, the beneficiary can get the money within 10 minutes. Generally, transfers are realized in 24 hours regardless of the recipient location.

Transfers tracking

You are disappointed if you don’t have any details of your money after you send it or before to receive any transfer. But until the WorldRemit app exists, you are not frustrated again because of this trouble. Mercy to these features, you have the possibility to know your transfer status and you know exactly where your money is.

Real-time currency exchange

If you want to know when is the best time to send money, check out this feature. You can choose to receive daily push notifications about the exchange rates for the countries you send money to.

Safe and protected application

You can rest assured that our money transfer app is safe and protected. Not only are we approved by the FCA, but we also have an extensive network of local partners. We work with the largest local banks and financial institutions.

Referral program with Worldremit

First, your friend can subscribe via your referral code. It’s a unique code you can share to your relatives or friends.

After that, your friend and family can realize the money transfer and tape amount they want to send.

WorldRremit will send you both bonuses. Know that you can use the voucher in your future transaction.

It’s simple to refer to a friend. You will receive reward in every subscription in your referral code.

Once you are subscribed to the WorldRemit site, you can realize the transaction and receive your unique referral code.

Pros and cons of Worldremit

Advantages of using WorldRemit transfer

There are a lot of reasons to choose WorldRemit when you have to transfer money by operating in multiple devices. And more again, cost transfers are also cheaper because WorldRemit partners already hold the currency in your location and in the destination of your transfer.

­ The fast duration of transfer

Of course, you can transfer to your family or friends in only a few minutes. Generally, recipients receive their money quickly.

Easy to use site and application

You can send or receive money in a simple way and in a few clicks. Besides, an assistance team is available at any time.

Cost is lower than standard money transaction

WorldRemit offers a lot of advantages that always surprise you. By the website, you can have an overview of fees and exchange tarification.

Refer a friend and receive voucher

After referring any friend or family, receive both vouchers and you can use it at the next transaction you do.

There is no subscription fee

Try to use all the advantages of WorldRemit ! Get zero fees and no rate at your first transaction.

Cons of Worldremit

There is a slight inconvenient with WorldRemit because the rate  structure is extensive. Then, to know the rate to pay, you have to enter the details of the money transaction on the website.

Safe and reliability of Worldremit

WorldRemit is a safe money transfer

WorldRemit applies with industry-leading technology in order to protect your transaction and guarantees. So, your money transfer will be realized safely all the time.

WorldRemit is a secure money transfer

More and more people in the world transfer their money by using WorldRemit because it’s the only technology that treats your hard-earned money greatly. WorldRemit is used in over 130 countries. Apart from that, recipients can receive money safely, thanks to the industry-leading technology. WorldRemit is licensed by government regulators globally.



Know that Remitly covers 47 countries in the world.

All offers are cheap for international money transfers, including cash withdrawals. There are a large number of destinations available in several countries. Remitly offers a variety of payment and payout options.


Money transfer rates are based on several settings, such as : the amount you transfer, the country you’re sending money to, the payment method of your transaction, the currency in which the recipient receives the cash, the transfer service you choose.

Remitly exchange rate

Remitly’s exchange rates are competitive and are generally between 0.5% and 2% lower than average market fees.


Xoom is a PayPal Service that allows you to transfer money to your friend or family in another country. This online service offers you the following pros :

  • You can send money to a recipient’s bank account
  • ­You can send money to be collected or delivered to your home
  • You can pay your international bills
  • ­You can reload a prepaid mobile phone and more again !
  • Real time tracking
  • You can cancel a transaction only when it is in progress but completed transactions can’t be cancelled.

To cancel a transaction:

  • ­   Go to the ‘Track Transactions’ page.
  • ­   Access the transaction history under ‘My Transactions’.
  • ­   Choose the transaction you want to cancel.
  • ­   Select ‘Cancel Transaction’.

Transaction cost with Xoom

Xoom gets paid by deducting commissions from each of your shipments. The amount paid depends on the amount transferred, the country of recipient and the chosen method of payment. Xoom explains its commission with an online simulator. Besides, Xoom applies an ‘increased rate’ that is determined according to money transfer details.


It works like a normal credit/debit card, but its added benefit is that card is linked to a multi-currency account. When traveling to another country, you can withdraw money and pay at stores in the local currency. But, it’s mandatory to have enough money in your TransferWise account.

Like other money transfer methods, you can get rate details after to tape the amount of transfer, recipient location and the method of transaction.

Boss revolution

Besides the common services offered by all money transaction sites, Boss Revolution provides bill payment service that is convenient. It will be easy to pay your utility bills, telephone, cable TV and more at a Boss Revolution retailer.

The Boss Revolution Visa Prepaid Card is a Visa prepaid card that you can credit funds to and that you can use anywhere Visa cards are accepted.

Payment options

You can use the following payment methods with Boss Revolution :

­   Credit / debit card ;

­   Bank account ;

­   Merchant Cards ;

­   Automatic payments.

Western Union

From a partner agency or from its mobile application, Western Union allows you to transfer money 24/7 to an agency, a bank account or even a mobile wallet.

Western Union is an American company specializing in ‘cash to cash’ money transactions. It allows you to send funds to a national or international destination, and you have to pay a fee to do that.

To send money with Western Union, you have two options:

  • ­   Join an agency or a partner point of sale ;
  • ­   Send money online.

You have to provide the following informations, to send money from agency :

  • ­   You have to fill out the sending form indicating your recipient’s bank and account information ;
  • ­   Transmit the form to a reception agent with the corresponding amount in cash or by credit card ;
  • ­   You have to convey an identity card, passport ;
  • ­   Keep the receipt showing your tracking number that you can send to your beneficiary.


Paysend is an application that allows the transfer money : such as sending funds worldwide in over 90 countries. With Paysend, you use fast and inexpensive international money transfer.

Send money worldwide

Paysend app allows you to send funds to your friends and family in over 80 countries. It helps you stay in touch with your family or friends.

Paysend advantages :

­ Fast transaction

Recipient won’t wait for such a long time! Generally, money will be received by the beneficiary within a few minutes after validation.

­ Zero fee to bank accounts transfer

With Paysend, you can transfer your foreign currency to international bank accounts with no transfer rate!

­Send money to cards

Unique Paysend card2card transfers allow you to send money directly to a credit, debit or prepaid card for a lower fee : $ 2.

­Easy-to-use mobile app

Paysend Money Transfer App is an easy-to-use banking alternative for people who want to send money overseas without high bank fees.

Money transfer both application and website work with a large number of partners, from banks, money transfer agents, telecoms companies or Mobile Money providers. It’s deserved to businesses or people that want to find a better technique to send or receive money on an international scale.

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