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Would like to get Skillshare free trials link to get access Skillshare platforms so you can start learning for free.

You have reached the right place to earn the Skillshare 2 months free 2021 to get access to Skillshare free courses.

To get the free skillshare trails for 2 months use the link get free skillshare trials and get free premium membership access for 2 months free Skillshare.

📗 SkillShare Free Trials Links Click HERE TO SIGN UP NOW
⌛ Trials Period 2 Months ( Subject to Skillshare Offer)
💲 Initial CostFree
Skillshare Current Offer

New Update: As of 01/08/2022 : Skillshare student 2 months free offer expired and currently skillshare 1 months free trails active.

New Update: As of 12/14/2021 : Skillshare 1 Months Free offered remain for new members of skillshare.

New Update: As of 10/29/2021 : It offer only 1 months free Skillshare trails for Premium Subscriptions for new accounts.

Update: 7/29/2019 : Now Skillshare two months free trials for new user.

skillshare free trails
Skillshare Free Trials

Quick Update: 4/26/2021 : Skillshare recently have changed the trials period to months to week. As of today, 4/26/2021, Skillshare offers 14 days free trials to access premium courses. After that regular membership starts, it could be monthly or yearly depending on your selection during the sign up trails. 

With these free trials you are able to explore more than 35000 courses that are intended to provide learning opportunities to gain experience that you can’t find anywhere else.

One good thing about the trials is that you can cancel anytime so if you feel that this platform will not bring any value to your learning goal then simply cancel the membership before the trails end so you will not be charged for the membership after trails end. 

Since, the payment will be automatically taken from your payment method that you have given in your registration process, it is important to remember and cancel if you’re not interested in it after joining some courses. 

Those of you still wondering about the skillshare platform itself, one short word, skillshare is a platform for people who want to learn from online videos that are based on experienced people who teach the course in skillshare. 

It is an online learning community that is created by experienced professionals who provide extensive real life knowledge or information regarding certain topics or tutorials that require video. 

Skillshare are based on monthly or annually subscriptions that allow users to get access to the platform to join unlimited premium courses. 

Some important things to be noted is that it is a platform that is not certified by any institutions or educational system nor does it offer any certificate upon completion of course. It is a platform to gain real life knowledge about any topics that are offered by skillshare. 

Some most categories offered by skillshare are graphic design, productivity, web development, marketing, business, illustration, and many more topics which you are able to see when visiting the website.

Latest Skillshare 2 Months Free 2022

By signing up using this link, you will get the latest maximum skillshare trials offer without a doubt. 

As of January 2022, Skillshare offers 1 month free trials for anyone who never signs up for an account.

If there any changes happen in terms of free trial duration, I will provide an update to the section of the post. 

How Much Does SkillShare Cost?(Skillshare Pricing)

As I said earlier that, even though Skillshare has free membership, it offers a premium course for premium members and as new user you can sign up for free trials membership to get access to premium courses. (Click Here to sign up for 2 to three months free premium course access depending on the promotions period.

Skillshare offers two types of membership which are monthly and annually. As for monthly, it costs $32 dollars and it might vary depending on the time and promotions. 

As for annually, it costs $167 dollars which offers a greater discount for students. So it might be a good fit to take on an annual membership.

Our recommendation is to sign up for annual membership during the trial sign up and if you don’t find any value then cancel it before the trial ends. If you forgot to cancel the membership then Skillshare automatically charges your payment method that you have provided during the trials registration. 

So, is skillshare free?

The answer is only for a month as of current promotions.

How to Sign up With SkillShare Free Trials 

The step and process is pretty much easy and simple. Please follow the step by step guideline below to get access to premium course. 

  • Click the link to get to the sign up page.
  • After that, click the click that said “ sign up to start learning”
  • Then provide you information such as First Name, Last Name, Email Address, and password and then hit the the sign up button 
  • Next page, you will see a option for choose the membership period which is monthly or yearly and then provide your payment information to complete the sign up process.
  • Then start learning from premium courses

To be noted, the following suggestion might be helpful.

Skillshare asking for payment method because after the free trials ended and if you have not canceled the subscription then you will be charged. 

Most likely you will not get a refund for those charged since you have authorized the payments to skillshare to charge the payment method after the trial period. 

So it is highly recommended to keep track of your trails period so that you can decide whether to keep the membership or not. 

What makes Skillshare Premium Membership Appealing 

Since there are a lot of free resources in this internet age to learn from and take advantage of. 

what makes skillshare premium so appealing to the user since skillshare also has free courses that do not require skillshare premium membership.

Since the skillshare costs money to join the premium platform, there must be a reason to charge the user to use the premium courses. Here is the thing that makes a unique and valuable place to learn skills that can apply to real life immediately . 


Skillshare offer thousand of course on lots of topics so you can able to get customized class advice based on what you are willing to learn and what are your interest that makes you join the skillshare


Since , the main purpose of an online course is to do it on your own schedule and no matter where you are. So the skillshare makes it so much easier by providing desktop and mobile apps so you are able to access the course anywhere and anytime and just require only internet access. This is one of benefit of getting into online courses

Lots of classes

Since you are planning to get the premium membership, just let you know that you are able to get access to hundreds of courses in 1 topic so this allows you to learn from different teachers through different courses but at same time build a portfolio that you can be able to showcase your skills . 

skillshare courses
Source: Skillshare

A community 

This is not just a class but it is an online community for asking questions, exchange feedback as well as other opportunities to learn along with other students. You are able to share your thoughts and get feedback from other students so it will help each other. 

Learning by doing

One of the great features and powerful ways that you are able to learn through doing the project. This is called hand on experience but it is online though. The importance of learning while doing it has a powerful effect on gaining real experience that you are able to apply immediately after taking the classes. Also you can learn one topic from different classes so that you get revisions and learn new tips that are able to expand your knowledge and ability to learn in a way that will be more efficient. 

Access to Future Course

It is very important to be noted that almost all the skillshare teachers frequently update their course and offer new courses so it will be much easier to date with the new information and learn new skills. If you have an annual membership then you don’t need to worry about paying again for those newly created courses. Just learn. 

Is SkillShare Worth it?

Please check out this post to learn more details about skillshare and what it has to offer.

Referral Programs

One of the great features of skillshare is that it offers referral programs that are able to give some benefit which we will discuss in detail now. 

Basically, referral programs have two sections in it. One for students and one for teachers.

Let’s talk about student referral programs. 

In order to be qualified for a student referral program, you need to have a skillshare free or premium account. So when you have referred your friend or anyone to skillshare and when they completed their first month payments, then skillshare will credit you with 1 month free access to premium courses. So it can able offered some label of discount for you to continue learning on the skillshare platforms

As for the teacher, where things get pretty much amazing. If you are a teacher at skillshare then it might be a lot of fun to teach at skillshare.


Skillshare offers teachers to get $10 bonus for each student using their referral link to sign up for the platform and it can be free trials which also count toward your $10 bonus. 

Remember that students do not need to continue the membership in order for you to earn the credit. All is needed is to sign up with your link with the completion of payment method. 

You can share your link through social media or email and others to earn the credit. 

And most importantly, you don’t need to worry about the tracking of referral, skillshare automatically tracks each referral and gives your credit so that you are able to see it on your earning dashboard. 

Also all the premium free trial refer student credit will be paid each of 16 days of each month. Make sure to take advantage of this offer if you are teaching on skillshare

Skillshare VS Udemy

The main difference between the two planform is that you can access all premium courses on SkillShare for a monthly fee or annually. On the other hand, on Udemy you need to buy each course individually, which is where SkillShare is the best option for lots of people.

One of the other advantages of using the Skillshare platform is that instruction will provide a continuous series of topics in one course so you don’t need to purchase these courses separately since you can get access to all premium courses with premium membership. Other words there is no up sell or down sell in the platform.

Skillshare One Month Free

Currently, Skillshare one month free trials for premium accounts is the latest offer from the official skillshare promotions offer. 

So if you are planning to learn on skillshare with paying for a month then you must use the link to get the official free trails offer.

If there are any changes on trial durations, you are able to check that update on top of this post to make sure what is the latest offering that you are eligible for.

Final Thought

So if you are planning to expand your skill and knowledge then a skillshare platform can be a valuable and good option that you have in your hand . and to get the skillshare free trial which can be for 2 months that you learn for free and increase your skill before paying for it.

Skillshare is no longer offering a free course as of August 2021, or sometime around that time frame. Premium courses are the only ones available, and you can gain access to them by signing up for free trials.

Members of Skillshare can take advantage of limited-time specials from time to time, with trial periods ranging from 14 days to three months in length.


How long is skillshare free trial?

Skillshare offers a free trial for 2 months usually for access to premium membership before they are charged for membership fee. It is possible that this offer might change in future as skillshare offer varies  promotional depending on times and what they feel is best for students and it is upto skillshare to decide. Make sure to sign up with a promotional link that can give your better trails period. 

How do I get 1 months free on skillshare?

Well, it is only possible to get 1 months access to skillshare premium classes, if only skillshare shares are offered. As I said earlier, the trial period varies and depending on their promotional offer. Sometimes they offer 1 months, 2 months, three months and even 14 days as I have encountered them. 

Is skillshare free right now?

Yes, skillshare  currently offers 14 days free trials for new users who want to join the platform to learn new skills and knowledge. Make sure to use promotional links that can offer most days for premium access. 

Is skillshare worth the money?

Absolutely, it’s worth the money to get premium membership. If you compare other online learning platforms such as udemy, masterclass, you will find that in terms of content and course is similar but they offer high prices even if the course needs to be bought individually and that can be costly for you to learn online. In udemy platform, each course costs as much as $499 dollars compared to $167 annually membership charged by skillshare. So if you want to learn something that has lots of courses in skillshare then better to join and use the premium membership to get access to unlimited courses. 

How much is a skillshare class?

It cost around $99 dollars per year for new membership and also offered monthly as well.

Which is better udemy or skillshare?

In our choice, skillshare is much better than udemy since skillshare is based on membership fee to access all the premium courses and udemy courses need to buy individual bases which cost you more. 

Is skillshare really free?

Yes, skillshare is free. It has two labels of membership, one is basic which is completely free and does not cost a single penny to join and no renewal fee as well. And for premium membership required monthly or annually payment which varies for new users and renewal users. It is worth trying the trial which offers access to premium courses for a certain period without cost you dime and you have an option to cancel it before the trial ends. 

How do you get 2 Months Free on skillshare?

In order to get access to skillshare 2 month free, you need to use this link to sign up and provide a valid payment method to complete the signup process and be eligible for the 2 months premium course access. To be noted that the trial period may vary on times as skillshare make changes to their offers often.

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