Uber Promo Code for existing users 2020

If you are uber user and looking for uber promo code for existing users then you can certainly assured that you can follow these instruction below to get discount on your uber ride.

Uber is a transportation company. It offers E-hail services.  Through the platform, you can hire a car or taxi via a Smartphone app for a ride at any time.

Uber was launched in San Francisco in 2009.  It has continued to gain a lot of popularity worldwide.  Uber business is thriving simply because they can pick and drop the customer to their destination.  You will find the service in more than 700 cities in the world. According to Statista, about 110 million people actively used Uber each month in 2019.

It is a safe and convenient taxi service for both drivers and riders. If you own a car, you can join Uber as a driver. You only need to fulfill the requirements set by the company before you start working as a partner-driver for Uber.

 Driving for Uber is a quick and easy way of earning cash. You can also receive tips from valuable customers, though it is not a must. If you want to ride on Uber, you only need to click on a button on the app, and a driver nearby comes to pick you. The Smartphone app connects driver-partners and riders.

How Uber promo codes for existing user works for passengers

You first need to download the Uber mobile app, after which you sign up as a rider. To sign up, you need a valid email address and phone number. Create a password and agree to the terms and conditions of Uber’s privacy notice. Fill in your name, phone number, and the language you prefer. You will then get a text message verifying your phone number. Set your payment method. You can use a debit or credit card, Apple Pay, PayPal, or Google play.

Note that all transactions happen through the app, even payment! You should not exchange any cash with the Uber driver. 

The request goes to an Uber driver near to you.  It alerts the driver where you are. The Uber driver who accepts the request comes to pick you and drive you to your destination. The app automatically figures the route to navigate, calculates the distance and fare. It then transfers the payment to the driver using the payment method given by the driver.

The benefits of using Uber for a ride

  • Convenient -you can hail a car from anywhere and have it within a few minutes. No need to chase after taxis. No cash exchange takes place, making it very safe. Most of the time, Uber customers do spend less time waiting for driver-partner compared to traditional taxi services
  • Professional service-Uber ensures that vehicles and drivers meet specific requirements to suit all types of clients. The car maintenance must be at the top. It should also have a proper insurance cover. You have the option of selecting the car mode you want. The driver- partners are professional.
  • Pricing –Compared to taxis and other car services, Uber is less expensive. The low prices and readily available cars make customers take a car for very short distances.
  • Safer and more flexible for drivers- The system of reviewing drivers help weed out those whose ratings are consistently low by deactivating their accounts. The rider can track the driver’s route.
  • Availability -Uber is always available 24/7. You need not worry when out for a party because as soon you are done, you can send a request, and within no time, a vehicle will be on the way to take you home.
  • Sharing a ride with friends-You can also share a trip with your friends; you can share the cost using the ‘Split Fare’ function for up to three passengers. You should request for UberVAN, which can carry up to seven people.
  • Save places -if there are places that you regularly visit, you can save it on the address on the Uber app. It will be easier for you to reach your destination faster just by a click of a button.
  • Tell friends where you are– You can keep your friends updated on your location using the ‘Send Status’ function. Your friends will see where you are and will not keep on asking where you are even as they wait for you.
  • Secure ride– the ride is safe for both passengers and drivers. With Uber, you have security and peace of mind.
  •  Cheaper -With Uber, the price you pay is the total for your trip.

 How to take a ride on Uber

To submit a trip request,

  • Open Uber on your mobile device.
  • In the “Where to?” box icon at the top of the app, type the name of your final destination.
  • Select the ride mode by tapping one of the following options UberX, UberXL, UberBLACK, UberTAXI, UberSUV, UberLUX, UberPOOL, or Assist. Each mode appears with a fare estimate alongside them. The type of ride you choose depends on your location, time, and availability.
  • Below the ride modes, select the method of payment you want to use. Your default option automatically appears. You can change the payment method by tapping on it.
  • At the bottom of the Ride Options screen, confirm by clicking the button on the ride mode of your choice.
  • Confirm your pickup point.  Ensure your phone’s location has picked the correct spot. Confirm Pickup. Within a few minutes or seconds, Uber will locate a nearby driver.
  • On finding your match, a map will appear on your phone’s screen, showing you your driver navigate towards you. You will be able to see his or her ETA. You will also e able to see the driver’s name, license plate, photo, rating, and a temporary substitute number for contact. This information will help the two of you connect faster at your pickup location.  Your app will display an estimated time when the driver-partner heading to your pickup location will arrive. Your app will notify you when your driver-partner is about to arrive.
  • Cancel your trip– if you want to cancel your trip, you can do it 2 to 5 minutes after submitting your request. However, a cancellation fee will apply. The price varies from one city to the other.
  • On arrival, the driver and rider verify each other’s name and destination, and notes in his app that you are in the vehicle. A new map screen appears on your phone. Use the map to follow your trip. For the sake of your safety, share your ETA in real-time. Click the Send Status on the Map screen.
  • When you reach your destination, the driver notes in his app that the trip has come to an end, your app automatically processes the payment.
  • To see your past trips, tap on the three lines in the top right of the Uber app. Next, click on “Your Trips.”
  • Rate your driver-The app will ask you to rate your driver at the end of the trip using the 5-star rating, five being the highest. The score affects the drivers’ rating. Every rider will be able to see the review, which helps to determine whether or not to recommend the driver. You can also decide to give a tip to the driver and a compliment.  Just tap one of the pre-set options, such as Excellent Service.

What type of person suitable for Uber?

Uber’s popularity and expanding online food and grocery delivery are making it more practical to live without a personal car. For you to have an account with Uber, you must be 18 years and over. Children are not allowed to have the account and have to be accompanied by their parents. The following people can comfortably use Uber at anytime, anywhere.

  • Urban dwellers– If you don’t need to use a car daily, Uber is ideal for you. You will, therefore, need a ride for the weekend outing or while going for special occasions. If you want to avoid the cost of owning a personal vehicle, you can save money by using Uber.
  • Partygoers– If you are a partygoer, you can always rely on Uber as a means of getting you back home safe. Uber is a 24/7 service, and you can find readily available drivers through the app even late at night. Driving a personal car in such a condition may also not be safe or even impossible. Partygoers can, therefore, rely on finding the next available Uber driver through their apps when they are through partying at whatever time of the night.
  • Late-night workers-People who work late at night often use Uber to get home quickly. Through the UberPOOL ride-sharing feature, riders have the option of sharing rides with others heading in the same direction. The customers, therefore, enjoy rides at a cheaper cost through sharing of the riding expenses.

How can Uber save you money?

The following are some of the ways in which you can save money while using Uber.

  • Use the “Split Fare” feature with friends-UberPOOL has made it easier to share the cost of a ride. If you do not like getting in a car with strangers, then the Split Fare feature will not work for you. But if you do not mind being in the company of friends, others you can use the Split Fare feature. The feature divides up the expenses amongst all of you. To use this feature, you request a ride, select the Split Fare option at the bottom of the screen, and enter the names or phone numbers of the other riders.
  • Create a second Uber account-a new account implies that you are a new rider. Usually, it has a warrant for a discount. If you sign for a second Uber account to earn the $20 voucher. Cancel the new membership after using it. Be informed that Uber has the final say on whether or not you qualify.
  • Refer everyone you know to get free rides– Do you want to get a free ride on Uber! Simply share your referral code to other passengers. Both you and the person you invited will get a free ride once they use your link, thus able to save some bucks! Share your referral link to your friends and family, coworkers.

Refer your friends who have not yet signed up to do so using your Uber’s referral link. You stand to receive $15 credit for every person who joins the service. There is a maximum no. of referrals you can make, and Uber keeps check on your activity and might ban you if you.

Avoid Surge and Prime Time pricing

Use the Cut the Surge app. The app has features that enable you the inside track predicting Uber rates within the hour. It keeps you informed on the best time to request a car without paying any inflated fees. The app is free on Android.

If you are in a place where many people want to go home, maybe after a musical concert, or game, consider the following options to save money:

Walk away from the surge-When you wish to request a ride, walk a few meters away from where everybody is also asking for Uber ride. Check whether the price is lower. Put you just out of Surge/Prime Time pricing.

If possible, sign up to drive with Uber so that you can know the surge patterns. You can be able to see if the surge is up or has gone down.

Wait out the cost of your ride-Get something to do as you wait for the surge /prime time conditions to relax. By the time you request for a vehicle, the prices could have gone down.

Consider sharing your ride

Did you know Uber allows you to share your trip? It generally makes you pay less. Taking UberPOOL can help you save a few dollars. You request a ride through POOL, and then you are partnered with a driver and another passenger or two that are going in the same direction as you. You save money because you are sharing your ride.

However, it may not be a good option if you are rushing somewhere. Your fellow passenger may be dropped off before your stop or after. If willing to share a ride and add on potential time on your trip, it’s an excellent option to save some money.

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