Lyft Promo Code & Free First Ride Guide

Wait, Do you Like to get free ride with lyft promo code for first time user. Wow tell me how to get it lyft first ride free.  It’s EASY!!!

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Step 1. After Sign up and Download the app. Open the app and search for Lyft in search bar. And then Click on Get a ride button

Lyft cashback on every ride

Step 2. Now Lyft cash Back activated. Now App will automatically redirect to Lyft app to take ride

lyft promo codes on ever ride

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Lyft is currently offering to new rider who sign up with lyft and download lyft app and use the lyft promo code “TEST20″ OR “ LET50” to get up $20 dollars off your first ride. So you can test lyft platform by yourself. 

lyft new user code and free ride for new user

Lyft is giving to new user who are sign up for lyft first ride free and use the lyft promo code ” TEST20” before talking first ride. Note, Lyft promotion is varies by cities and time you are taking ride. 

Why Lyft Provide Free Ride To First Time Rider?

As Lyft is struggling to gain a wider base, it’s implementing promotions so that it can keep at per with the competitor company, Uber. 

Recently, these promotions have certainly made the company grow and more riders are opting to drive for Lyft instead of Uber. 

If you ever want to earn fascinating bonuses, then you should get your rides with Lyft and you will get to earn all these promotions. 

If Lyft happens to be in your area, riding with them is definitely the best idea you can have so far.

Most of these bonuses are meant for the new users who join the company. 

They are meant to lure more and more riders into their company so that they can increase their profitability. 

Furthermore, as more riders continue to join the company, more drivers are also recruited to meet the constant customer demand.

 Lyft also has interesting bonuses for the new drivers who would like to drive for Lyft. 

Lyft frequently offers its new riders massive bonuses in form of free rides.  

However, these bonuses are not only for the newer riders, the existing riders also have the chance to earn themselves these bonuses, only in a different way.

Lyft Promo Code You Can Use

As a new Lyft rider, you will be able to earn yourself a promotions which will entail free rides to whichever destination you might seek. 

However, the rider and all other Lyft promotions will differ according to the city you seek the service. 

You will find out that those bigger cities contain bonuses with higher stakes while those others contains quite a lower stake. 

At your first trial as a Lyft rider, you might earn up to a maximum of $20 redeemable for free rides.

There are more than enough promotion codes which you can use at your first ride with Lyft. 

You will find that there are many websites which will advertise their promo codes, all of which might be valid.

 However, with all those promo codes in the internet, you must take care of those that will advertise unreasonable amounts. T

he highest stake for all Lyft credit codes is $20, all others with higher stakes are just a waste of your time and money and you should restrain from them.

Below, you will be given a list of some of the valid and trust-able codes that will give you the bonus that you might seek.

TEST20– This is the latest code for 2019 and you should certainly use it at your first ride. The code entails up to $20 off at your first ride. 

This code is only valid for only the new users and it can only be used within the first thirty days after the account has been created.

HAPPY5050– The code is also applicable during the first ride and your ride credit will be unlocked.

Other codes include;


One can also use ENTERPASS as a promo code and also earn a great deal of discount.

You might find out that entering these codes is difficult at times and in case you face such, just move to the next code in line and you will get your promotion. 

Getting to use these codes at your first rides is just the best way one can enjoy the Lyft services without getting much to give from the pocket. 

You actually get to save at the expense of top rated services.

How To Apply The LYFT Promo Codes To Your Account.

Applying the codes is not a hard task at all, you will only be required to follow a few steps and the credit will be applied to your account within no time.

The steps you are to follow will be listed below so that you have full understanding of what you are supposed to do.

1. Downloading the Lyft Application

You will be required to find the Lyft application and download it. 

The Lyft application is available at the App store for IPhone users, Google play for the Android users. 

Alternatively, you can the application from the Lyft official website. When downloading the app from the website, there may be a few steps that you will be required to follow. 

At times, you may be needed to verify your phone number before downloading the application.

download lyft app

2. Creating a Lyft account.

At this step, you will create your Lyft account by following the on-screen steps. 

You can sign up through Facebook or you can use your email address, all of which are the same. 

You will be needed to provide your personal details such as your names and city and you will also provide your payment details.

create lyft account after download

3. Applying the Lyft promo code.

All you will is go to the payment section on the app. At this section, you will find “Add credit code” button and you will click there. 

After that, you will fill in the code you found and as soon as you are done, the credit amount will be applied to your account together with the expiry date. 

If there are further details concerning the promotion, the information will be put along with the expiry date details. You must also note that you can only use the free rides credit within the first 14 days after activation.

click here to apply promo code
lyft promo code discount credit
Guidelines To Consider While Applying The Lyft Promo Code.
  • If you have already used a code, you will not be allowed to use another code.
  • The free ride credit won’t be applicable if you have already paid for your ride.
  • The Lyft promo codes are only valid for 14 days after your account has been created. If delayed for more than 14 days, the code will be useless for your specific account.
  • You can only earn the bonus before you take your first ride.
  • New drivers are only eligible for one promotion.

You can also continue inviting friends and earn more promotions. As an existing rider, you have the chance of inviting more people into the team and earn massive commissions.

When To Use A Lyft Promo Code.

There is no best time to use the Lyft promo code at all.

 All you will be required to do is use the code when you want to take your first Lyft ride.

 However, if you would like to use the code at your preferable time, then you should not in any case download the app and take a ride. 

You should note that if you don’t use the code when you sign up, then the free credit will not be applied to your account. 

It is also important that you keep in mind that immediately the free credit is applied to your account, you will only have two weeks to use the free credit. 

When you take a ride after the 14 days are over, then your credit card will cover for the ride. 

If it happens that you leave a balance after your first ride, it will be carried over to your next ride and used together with the credit card if the ride will cost more.

What happens when a code fails to work?

This is something that happens to many riders. In most times, if the code fails to work, the application will inform you the reason as to why the code failed. 

If you are an existing rider and you happen to try a code intended for the new users, your code will fail to work. 

The error displayed will read “This code is for new users only.” Other times the message error will read, “This code is invalid.” 

This is to inform you either you are an existing Lyft rider or you have just used an invalid code. 

Suppose you are a new rider and you get this code, you are always allowed to use another code until your free credit is applied to your account.

Popular Cities For Lyft.

Lyft and Uber are two companies controlling the rideshare market and so they are competing to be available in all of the popular cities across United States. 

At the moment, Lyft is available in almost 300 cities in the USA. 

This is full proof that the company is a fast growing company with a large fan base in the United States. 

Furthermore, Lyft is also expanding its base to all over the USA just like Uber is. 

Below are some of these top cities that Lyft is offering its service to the fullest. 

The cities will also be listed together with the reason for the demand for Lyft’s service.

Los Angeles Lyft Coupon

Los Angeles is known for its high population, second after New York. 

Lyft is quite dominant in this city and solely because Los Angeles has a severe traffic which deters the motor movement and thus many opt for taxi services.

 Since 2015, the company has been doing great and has ended up extending its fan base to all of Los Angeles. 

It’s one of the cities that the demand is high and thus Lyft offers promotions to gain more riders. 

Whenever you are in New York, just make a few clicks on the application and you will get to your destination safely.

New York Lyft Promo

New York is the city that has the largest number of people. 

Because of the large population, New York has the greatest market for rideshare services. New York has the best market for Lyft with constant demand for its service. 

Many of the people opt for taxi services since the traffic is quite hectic and thus rideshare is the best alternative. 

The prices for riders are also quite higher than other areas around USA since the demand is high.

San Diego

Rideshare services within San Diego are considered to be the most affordable and safest means to commute within the city. 

Lyft is mostly used by both the locals and the tourists to travel to whichever place their destination might be. 

With this demand, Lyft is rapidly expanding. The ride fares are quite low in San Diego and thus a reasonable alternative.


This city hosts many colleges and universities and thus the best place for rideshare services. 

Lyft has its base in this city fetching people from workplaces and colleges who are seeking for quality rideshare services. 

For the new riders in Boston, they can always get the latest Boston promo codes which they can use for the free rides.

 The price per ride is quite standard and thus a reliable service for all commuters.


This is one of the most populated cities in the USA and thus the demand for reliable and affordable rideshare services. 

The city also hosts White Cubs and Cubs where people always need transport to and from. 

A good base for Lyft services and offers its services at its best.


A city composed of mainly the young people and thus it just perfectly stands for Lyft services. 

Since 2016 when airports routes were opened for Lyft, the company has been progressing to a higher level with an increased customer base all over Seattle.

Apart from these big cities, Lyft also offers its services in smaller cities such as PortlandLincoln and Raleigh-Durham.

Whichever city you are in, Lyft would rarely miss to offer their service. 

All you have to do is download the application and you will be able to know if Lyft is available in your particular city.

 You must also know that the Uber prices vary city by city and so you will find that in one city the prices are high while in another, the prices are quite low. 

The pricing is majorly determined by the demand for the service, if the demand is high, then the prices might be high. 

In bigger cities, the promotion prices might also be high so as to increase the Lyft fan base.

When To Use Lyft.

Lyft offers its services at any time and any place. 

Whenever you seek transport to your favorite event, you should not worry about missing a bus.

 Lyft makes it easier by always making a car available to you by just a few clicks on the application. 

Lyft will work with whichever place you might be by sending their top-rated drivers from your city and get you to your preferred destination. 

Lyft will take you to meet up your friends, gatherings, official meetings, medical purposes and all other reasons you might have. 

Lyft comes in handy for all those who like to party until odd hours, you only need to make a request via the app.

 You have the option of just navigating the application and you get to your preferred destination within the shortest time possible.

A rider is also capable of rating a driver just after the delivery point. 

Riders can also tip drivers if they met the requirements as a professional driver. 

Drivers under any bad influence can also be reported to ensure that they are demoted from the company so that there is always efficiency in service delivery. 

If you used a valid promo code and have the free credit applied on your account, now is the time to get a ride and pay nothing at all.

Are There Promo Codes For Existing Riders?

Apparently, there are no promo codes for the available riders. 

The reason behind it is that it can’t be possible to constantly give promotions to the customers in a business situation. 

So, the promo codes are only available for the new riders to bring them into the team.

 However, the existing riders also have a number of ways in which they can be able to earn more and get free rides in form of the free credits applied to the account. 

What you will likely get is massive discounts which will be applied on the normal prices.

 All you will need to know is have the full clue on how you can toggle the app and get a lot of friends for yourself.

 You’ll get to know that the easiest ways to earn yourself big discounts is through sharing your promo codes and also inviting lots of friends to the Lyft team and especially friends. 

The ways stated will be listed below so that you can have all the knowledge concerning these great promotions.

  • Make sure you fetch your first promotion.

This is definitely the first promotion you will encounter with Lyft.

 Lyft offers $50 for all of its new members who sign up for Lyft. 

All you will be required to do is download the Lyft application and sign up for Lyft. 

When signing up, you will be required to input the promo code you would have gained by then. 

As soon as you input the code, the free credit will be applied to your account and you will be able to get your rides for free.

  • Invite more people to Lyft.

As soon as you complete your registration as a Lyft rider, you will be termed as an existing member and you will not in any chance be allowed to use the promo codes. 

Whenever you try to put in new promo codes, you will be given an error message notifying you that the account is for an existing member.

 This all happens since you entered your number into your account during your registration and it will stick to that account, thus restraining you from using any code whatsoever. 

A trick you can try is maybe buying a new but you can never buy a new phone whenever you want free credits all by yourself. 

So, the only alternative that you might have as per this point is doing all you can to earn discounts through inviting and sharing promo codes.

Invitation might be the only option an existing rider has since they have all been locked out of using the promo codes. 

When you complete your registration process, every rider is assigned a distinct referral code which they need to forward and get to earn themselves free rides. 

What happens is that when a new rider gets to use your referral code, they get free rides in return and on top of it all, you also get to earn a free ride for introducing a new member.

The only difficulty you might encounter is that the stake per invite changes according to seasons. 

The prices ranges from $5 during the normal periods and rises up to $50 during the peak seasons such as the holidays and also during promotions.

Whichever the case, you can never go empty handed for the invites you create or you will earn yourself free credits. 

Inviting friends and family is rated as the best way an existing rider can be able to earn more free rides all by themselves.

Where To Find The Personal Referral Code.

Others might find it difficult to generate the referral code and it is all easy.

 All you need to do is go to the Lyft app and toggle through the menu to find “Find friends” button. 

As soon as you hit the button, your personal referral code will just pop on the screen and you will be able to see it. 

You can then let your friends and family have the code so that they can enter it into their accounts for you to earn your free credit. 

Alternatively, you can generate a link that will take your invites directly without inputting the code. 

To generate the referral link, you will go to the menu and find “Free rides,” and it will be automatically generated. 

To share the link, you will need to send personalized messages to your contacts inviting them to using Lyft. 

This will lead you to having a massive free ride credit and you should never miss such an opportunity. 

Once you send a friend the code or link, be sure to tell them to spread further so that many people can use the link and code.

Opt For Uber New Sign Bonuses.

One of the best chances you can ever have. If you have never used Uber before, you are always welcome to create an account with them and earn yourself the new rider bonuses. 

Uber’s new sign bonuses are quite huge as compared to Lyft and thus you can earn yourself a lot more.

Before that, you must find out the latest promo codes that are out there and use them on your new account.

 Immediately the code is entered, the free ride credit will be applied to your new account and thus there will be no big issue in that.

You Can Use A New User’s Phone.

Since the Lyft application locks your phone through the phone number, you can use a friend’s phone and earn yourself the free rides. 

You will need to download a Lyft application from the website or via the Google Play and install that app. 

When it comes to registration, ensure that you use the latest promotion so that you can fetch the best. 

When you used the account you just formed to request for a ride, you will instantly get a free ride. 

Remember, you can only use this trick for those people who haven’t used Lyft before and if you use an existing rider’s phone, you will not get the free credit seek.

Why You Should Choose Lyft For Rideshare Services.

Choosing Lyft for your rideshare services is has a lot of advantages. The pros for using this company will be listed below to show you what you have been missing.

  • Lyft is cheaper than many taxi operators. This is fascinating because you get to enjoy quality service delivery at a cheaper price. Furthermore, you can use the amount remaining for your savings or spend it on any other stuff you would want to buy.
  • Massive sign up bonuses. One great opportunity which is only applicable for the newest riders into the company. To get yourself the free rides bonus, you will go through simple steps and the free credit will be applied to your account. You can use the free credit in your first rides.
  • A rider is able to give feedback. Any rider is able to rate a driver after the destination is arrived and the rider is free to give any feedback he finds truthful. This is solely done to ensure that the drivers meet the quality service delivery. If there is a negative feedback concerning a driver, they will be suspended as the truth behind it is investigated.
  • Drivers and riders are able to interact via the application. Unlike Uber, Lyft has enabled the drivers upload their interests so that the riders might know them better after a particular ride. Riders can also be able to share fascinating things about themselves with the drivers and thus knowing each other better.
  • One can request for a ride in just a click. One more fascinating about Lyft is that with its application, you are able to make requests for rides within the shortest time. Furthermore, you can make the requests at any time and place without any limitations.
  • Lyft is always affordable. Lyft’s prices are ever affordable despite the different seasons involved. At the peak seasons, Lyft will still be affordable since the increase in prices is reasonable. This way, you will not be required to pay more for Lyft’s service.

Despite the advantages, Lyft also has a few cons which drag it down. 

One of these disadvantages is that Lyft is only available in USA. Unlike Uber which is all over the world, Lyft is only available in the United States. 

Uber’s popularity all over the globe is great and thus a very contributing factor to its success.


Are there promo codes for existing Lyft users?

No. The promo codes are only applicable during your registration process. You will not be able to use the codes once you are in the team. 

However, you can end up earning more if you invite more people into the Lyft team. The rewards will be in form of free ride credits.

Where can I get the Lyft promo codes?

The codes can be found anywhere on the internet. All you will do is just search for the Lyft promo codes over the internet and you will find many sites advertising their codes. 

Alternatively, existing riders can refer you via their referral codes which will be generated immediately you are in the team. 

However, you must restrain yourself from unrealistic codes, those that have an amount higher than $50 since they will be a waste of your time and money.

Do the promo codes expire?

Yes. These promo codes expire and you are to use them within 14 days. 

When the free credit has been applied on your account, you will only have 14 days to use it up. 

If you fail to use the bonus within the 14 days, then the rides you take from then will be charged on from your credit card.

How many times can I use the promo codes?

You can only use the code once and only during your registration process. Your phone will be locked for any trial and you will get error messages and thus it can never work.

Can I become a Lyft driver?

Yes. However, for this to happen you must pass through some strict guidelines set by the management. 

One thing you should consider is that you should be 21 years of age or above and you must also have a clear driving history. 

There will also be other requirements concerning your car which will have to have four doors and also a 2001 model or newer.

Whether a new or existing Lyft rider, there are equal chances of earning more free credits. 

You should take great advantage of inviting more people to the platform and in return you earn free credits. 

As a new rider, you should also never miss the first promotion which will give you the morale of constantly using Lyft for rideshare services.

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