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As of May 2022, every second, on average, around 10,033 tweets.

Or, 602,000 tweet sent per mintue

Or, 36 Million tweet sent per hour

Or, 867 Million tweet sent per day

Or, 26 Billion Tweet sent per months

Or, 361 Billion Tweet will be send this year (Projected in 2022)

Last Updated: 05/09/2022

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It’s no secret that Twitter is a popular social media platform for companies, which makes it a marketing magnet. B2B businesses account for more than half of all Twitter traffic. Because of this, it may be a valuable tool for the company in which you invest, and it should not be overlooked.

Twitter statistics tweets per day show that the site is an amazing platform and is used by many on a day-to-day basis. One in every five people in the United States who use social media said that they use Twitter on a regular basis. With that being stated, how many tweets does the network get on a daily basis? Which group  are the most active on Twitter?

How Many Tweets Per Day 2022 Stats

  • Twitter users send about 867 million Tweets daily and it adds up to approximately 361 billion tweets yearly.
  • The tweets limit for every Twitter user is 2,400 per day.
  • Brands do start realizing great engagement after posting 3 tweets in a single day.
  • On average January 2016 got 303 million tweets each day in thirty days.
  • Top media brands produced an average of 9.54 tweets per day in 2019.
  • 92 percent of firms tweet more than once every day, 42 percent do it one to 5 times, and nineteen percent tweet 6 to ten times.
  • Hotels and Resorts brands created an average of 0.44 tweets daily in 2019.

1. Twitter users send about 867 million Tweets daily and it adds up to approximately 361 billion tweets  yearly 

(Internet live stats)

A large number of individuals use Twitter to share information about their everyday lives. This makes it possible for family and friends to stay in touch. The themes covered by the book are diverse, ranging from significant life events to raising children to road vacations, among many more.

Those who are close to you may feel more connected as a result of this. Individual groups and companies, on the other hand, may utilize the platform to advertise their own products and services. They have the ability to attract attention to their events and increase knowledge about their services and product offerings.

In some cases, Twitter has even been integrated into their customer service system.

2. The tweets limit for every Twitter user is 2,400 each day


This is very beneficial to the health of Twitter users. Several social media sites, according to a 2015 research conducted by the Pew Research Center, are known to cause significant stress. This is a result of the information that has been absorbed there.

It was also discovered that Twitter is stressful since it increases people’s awareness of their own stress as well as the stress of others. The situation isn’t as terrible as it seems since it’s just essential to restrict the amount of time spent on Twitter for the benefit of your mental health.

3. Brands do start realizing great engagement after posting 3 tweets in a single day 


If you already have a Twitter account but are not active or just tweet once in a while, it will not function in this manner. Increasing the frequency with which you publish is essential if you want to create an impact on the site. Consequently, many people will begin to notice your tweets, and even your profile, since it is a component of your brand.
You should, however, refrain from sending out too many tweets. You must be accessible on the network at all times, but you must post in a reasonable manner. Take care not to overburden other people’s news feeds with your tweets.

4. 92 percent of firms tweet more than once every day, 42 percent do it one to 5 times, and nineteen percent tweet 6 to ten times 


The typical lifetime of a single tweet is fifteen to twenty minutes, depending on the platform. Additionally, your followers will have to get some new feeds as a result of this change. This implies that yours is automatically placed to the bottom of the list.
Regardless of how many times you tweet in a single day, make sure you don’t overwhelm your followers with too many tweets at the same time. Furthermore, a large number of retweets are often received within an hour of a tweet being published. As a result, increasing the frequency of your visits per day may be beneficial.
You should also be aware that not everyone has the time to send out at least 10 tweets each day on social media. Furthermore, the technique for publishing is determined by your goals.

5. In August 2014 tweets posted every day reached a peak with 661 million, the  survey entailed the World Cup final


More individuals than ever before used social media to share films, photos, and opinions throughout the World Cup. This was the most popular social media event in history. Approximately 40 million tweets were sent out throughout the game, making it the most talked-about sporting event of the year. Before then, Super Bowl XLVII was the event that drew the most number of tweets.

In 2013, this received more than 20 million tweets. However, a large number of tweets were sent out within one minute of the World Cup Final. Twitter users were able to send 618,725 tweets every minute in response to the 1-0 victory.

6. On overage January 2016 got 303 million tweets each day in thirty days


This indicates that the proportion of active users on the platform has been stable over the last two years. The same patterns have also been mentioned in public on Twitter. However, according to the company’s explanation, monthly active users are only those that do activities on the network using a separate App.

Furthermore, Twitter’s long-standing problem of people signing up for the service and then leaving it has not been resolved. 1.6 billion accounts have been created according to statistics, with the majority of these accounts being spammers or those who don’t tweet often.

7. Twitter’s daily tweets hit 400 million In 2012 mostly via mobile


This shows that this social network is seeing growth far away from desktops. However, it’s still vital for the platform’s user base to keep on thriving.

8. In 2010 tweets per day reached 50 million 


This is one of the platform’s KPIs, and it’s exciting to see it growing at such a rapid pace. It is also a widely available service that can be found throughout the web in both mobile and desktop applications. So it attracts a diverse range of tourists who have an impact on its development.

9. Top media brands produced an average of 9.54 tweets per day in 2019


The journalists may get the most out of the network by interacting with the audience, which will allow them to increase the number of people who follow them. Twitter provides a window into what is going on across the globe, and as a result, the majority of active accounts are held by journalists. Every piece of breaking news is first reported on Twitter, and everyone from reporters on the ground to media outlets utilizes it to keep the public informed.

That has to do with the tales that are emerging. Some people are also more inclined to respond to journalists who are prepared to engage them in conversation. This may be accomplished via retweeting or responding to questions.

And it in turn boosts the reporter’s followers, thus, earning more trust in their work.

10. The average quantity of daily brand tweets on Twitter by sports teams in 2019 was 7.24


Sporting fans will have a more diverse experience as a result of the combination of social media platforms with traditional watching platforms. Consequently, team participation, interaction, and support are boosted as a result of this. Consequently, by forming communities around the tribulations of the player, team, and game, Twitter brings sports to life.

11. Hotels and Resorts brands created an average of 0.44 tweets daily in 2019


Twitter, like the other social media platforms, may be used to distribute information about a particular hotel or resort. Your prospective customers will get acquainted with you as a result of your tweets. You may produce and display films, pictures, and other types of material that are exclusive to your company’s brand.
As a result, you’ll be able to maintain a positive connection with your followers. According to reports, consumers on social media have a high level of confidence in the companies they interact with.

12. Average number of everyday brand tweets on alcohol was 0.38 in 2019


Despite the high level of uncertainty, many companies are opting for a wait-and-see approach when it comes to social media advertising. However, the nature of this varies significantly from one social networking site to the next. As is the case with Twitter, the rules specify that alcohol advertising material should not be directed towards or motivated by minors under the age of majority.
It should also refrain from using symbols, celebrities, athletes, or characters that are likely to appeal to children.


As you can see, Twitter statics tweets per day give a better understanding of the way the social network works. A good number of people are using the site and making it a perfect network for businesses. This is because it provides some reasonable advertising opportunity and if you’re an entrepreneur then you need it.



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