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Is Skillshare free? You might be wondering this. 

I mean, who doesn’t love free courses?

In short, with this special link, you are able to access all the premium courses for one months.

is skillshare free
Source: Skillshare

Skillshare used to offer free and premium courses but until August of 2021, it only offered premium courses.

It offers free trial access to premium courses and the durations of the trials depend on the promotional period.

Skillshare offers a free trial period between 14 days to 3 months but currently it is offering 1 months to new skillshare members.

Is SkillShare Free?

The answer is free and paid. Let me explain how?

Depending on the time and promotional offers, skillshare offers its new user 14 days to three months free access to premium courses by offering skillshare free trial membership for premium member accounts. Once you have completed free trials memberships, you automatically enroll to the skillshare premium annual membership which allows skillshare to charge your account payment method automatically.

So if you feel that you don’t need a Skillshare premium membership account then you have the option to cancel the membership before the expiration of free trials. If you do cancel then you will not be charged and your membership status converted to a free membership account. Hence, you get the free premium access to courses for those free trial periods.

It is important to note that in the free membership account, there are still hundreds of courses that are completely free for lifetime and some of these courses are still high quality and have a lot of value in it for students. So if you have tried the premium membership and didn’t find it useful enough to pay for it then convert to a free account and get free learning without paying a dime.

Is SkillShare Worth it?

Answer is yes and why not. 

Compared to other online learning platforms where you have to pay for each course to get access as well as you have to purchase a series of courses individually if a course has multiple courses under the same course.

As a Skillshare student, you are able to ask questions to the teacher through comments and you are able to get a reply. Also, there are huge student communities that provide support to each other for their questions.

If you compare other online learning platforms and compare the cost of learning, you will come to the conclusion that Skillshare offers a better learning experience at lower cost than any other platform and that makes the Skillshare platform so appealing to the online learners.

Skillshare 1 Month Free Trials

Currently, Skillshare offers 1 months free trials to new members of the platform. 

You can use this link to sign up for accounts and see whether it fits your need to achieve your goals.

In order to sign up for free trials, you need to use your cards which will not be charged until the one months trial period is over.

So if you feel that Skillshare does not fit your needs, then make sure to cancel the membership before the trial period ends. 

What is Skillshare?

Skillshare is a creative community that connects you to the right people to learn new skills, level up your practice, and get things done. It’s not just another social network: it’s a virtual classroom and office-hours space with expert classes in hundreds of topics taught by the world’s best teachers.

With this learning platform, you can get access to thousands of video courses for things like design, business, technology, and more.

This educational platform can also be used if you want to enhance your current skill set or learn something that is new.

More than 36K courses are currently offered on the skillshare platform, which is a large number.

Each year, members of the skillshare platform pay a single cost that grants them access to all of the courses available on the platform.

Because there are so many courses available on the platform, students may take use of it to learn and obtain valuable skills and experience that they can apply to their real-life situations.

The Skillshare instructor program allows anyone to become a teacher on the platform and earn a substantial amount of money from their efforts.

Depending on their experience, Skillshare teachers can make up to 36K dollars per year, which is entirely passive income.

Skillshare Alternative

Despite the fact that Skillshare offers excellent courses at an inexpensive price, the fact that Skillshare only offers courses in a few particular categories means that you may need to look for an alternative to gain access to the courses you require.

We’ve compiled a list of alternative skillshare providers who are currently offering courses that are relevant to your requirements. One thing to keep in mind is that the pricing will be nowhere near what skillshare is offering.


Udemy is a marketplace for those who want to take online courses. Udemy, which has more than 65,000 courses and 15 million members, enables anyone to study from a vast library of high-quality online classes taught by recognized experts through an online learning platform.

According to its mission statement, Udemy aims to “bring education to the world” by providing anyone, anywhere access to high-quality courses and teachings in an online classroom environment that promotes participatory learning and interactive engagement through a variety of content delivery platforms such as simple video playback as well as lecture slides and pdfs, audio files, projects, and forums.

Experts in topics such as programming, marketing, mathematics, and the arts can build courses that will be used to help other individuals improve their skills through the use of this online learning platform. To date, Udemy has aided millions of students in the acquisition of new skills and the achievement of their objectives.

Udemy is a fantastic resource for anyone wishing to acquire a new skill, improve their craft, or hone their gift. In any given month, they typically have over 10,000 courses available to pick from, covering practically every subject imaginable. Furthermore, as more professors and students join the Udemy community, their library continues to increase.


Coursera is a free online education platform that partners with renowned universities and organizations worldwide. Among the partners are Yale, Penn, Stanford, Princeton, Michigan State, Caltech, IIT Bombay, and the India Institute of Management Ahmedabad (IIMA).

Coursera prices vary by course. A course costs $49-$99. Enroll in free courses and receive free completion certificates. The website also offers student and group discounts.

Finally, Coursera’s regularly updated curriculum and new classes make it a terrific resource for anyone. Its results can get you where you need to be in a few clicks or touches. It’s also a plus if you stay on board and fulfill assignments after the initial course. Those of you who have used Coursera for at least one class will likely continue to use it for years.

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning is an online course library. LinkedIn Learning Original and Content Partners’ Content are available in the library. LinkedIn Learning has been updated to allow you to browse selected courses or create your own. A few new features help you study faster and get more out of your courses. Our mobile apps allow you to learn in a calm environment or on the go.

LinkedIn Learning is a new service, but its Premium plan is one of the most economical online education options.

Ultimately, LinkedIn Learning allows you to improve your knowledge and skills in areas relevant to your current and future roles. And for those of us who are short on time, it’s a terrific way to keep up with industry trends. What’s the main takeaway? The world is a better place when we spend 15 minutes a day at LinkedIn Learning.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a non-profit website that aims to educate anybody, anywhere. We exist because of our donors and users. What began as a simple experiment has become a full-time career for over 70 skilled instructors and staff serving students worldwide.

Final Thoughts

Skillshare is a great resource and can be used not only for collaboration, but to learn. The Student plan gives students unlimited access to SkillShare’s library of thousands of classes on a variety of topics.

With the free trials for a month, you can check out Skillshare and what it has to offer to gain new skills.

So use this link to sign up for a new members account with 1 month free access. 


How much is the fee for Skillshare?

Skillshare is a monthly subscription service that costs $32 per month but with a discount it costs only $168 per year.. With your membership, you have access to over 36000 classes in a variety of subjects. Plus, new classes are added every week!

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