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So how many people drink coffee? Let’s take a look at some of the most impressive stats about coffee drinkers in 2022.

About 150 million Americans drink coffee on a daily basis, that’s about 50% of the US population.

Last Updated: May 14, 2022

Over 1 billion people worldwide drink coffee every day.

Americans drink about 400 million cups of coffee every single day.

An average of 2.25 billion coffee cups are consumed worldwide each day.

The average American drinks about 2.7 to 3 cups of coffee a day.

How Many People Drink Coffee in 2022 (Stats)

  • The cost of a cup of coffee in the US is usually $3.93.
  • It’s estimated that over 1 billion people drink coffee every day.
  • Americans drink coffee on a daily basis in staggering numbers—more than 150 million people.
  • It is estimated that 2.25 billion coffee cups are consumed worldwide each day.

Coffee Consumption Statistics

  • Americans consume 146 billion cups of coffee every year.
  • It is estimated that 2.25 billion coffee cups are consumed worldwide each day
  • Each year, the average American spends $1,097 on coffee.

How Many Cups Of Coffee Are Consumed Daily Worldwide

About 2.25 Billion cups of coffee are consumed every day worldwide. Coffee is the second most traded commodity in the world, and it’s estimated that one in three people on the planet drink coffee every day.

Coffee has been enjoyed for centuries because of its rich flavor and energizing effects. And while coffee has its share of critics, there’s no doubt that it’s a beloved beverage enjoyed by millions of people every day.

How Many People Drink Coffee In The World

It’s estimated that 1 billion people consume coffee worldwide. That’s a lot of caffeine boost! The United States is the leading consumer of coffee, followed by Brazil, Germany, and Japan. 

Other countries in the top 10 include Italy, France, and Canada. Coffee consumption has been growing steadily over the last few years and shows no signs of slowing down. Whether you like your coffee black or with milk and sugar, there’s no doubt that this popular beverage plays a big role in many people’s lives.

How Many People Drink Black Coffee

There are approximately 53 million people in the United States who drink black coffee, and 650 million people worldwide. 

Black coffee is a popular choice for many because it is simple and unsweetened. Some people prefer it for health reasons, as well as the fact that it contains no added calories. Others simply enjoy the taste of black coffee. Whatever the reason, black coffee continues to be a popular choice for millions of people around the world.

How Many People Drink Coffee In The Morning

More than 125 million Americans drink coffee every morning, making it one of the most popular breakfast drinks in the country. 

Worldwide, an estimated 883 million people start their day with a cup of coffee.

How Many People Drink Instant Coffee

There are 5.25 million people in the United States and 35 million people worldwide  who drink instant coffee regularly.

There are many reasons why people like instant coffee. For one, it’s very convenient – all you need is hot water and you’re good to go. Instant coffee is also usually less expensive than brewed coffee, so it’s a great option for budget-minded coffee drinkers.

How Many People Drink Cold Coffee Each Day

There are 30 million people in the US who drink cold coffee every day.

Cold coffee is growing in popularity because people are realizing that it’s a great way to save time and money. Not only does cold coffee taste great, but it’s also more affordable than brewing a pot of hot coffee. Plus, you can enjoy it on the go without having to stop for a break.

If you’re looking for a refreshing and energizing way to start your day, give cold coffee a try!

Percentage Of Coffee Drinkers In The World

13% of people in the world drink coffee. Coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the world, second only to water. It’s enjoyed by people from all walks of life in countries all over the globe. Some people love the taste and aroma of coffee, while others drink it for the caffeine buzz. Whatever your reason for drinking coffee, there’s no doubt that it’s a popular beverage.

Percent Of People Who Drink Coffee in US

According to a recent study, 50% of people in the United States drink coffee. This means that half of the population starts their day with a cup of coffee. Coffee is not only America’s favorite drink, but it is also the most popular beverage in the world. More than 400 billion cups of coffee are consumed each year. That’s almost 1,000 cups per person!

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Why Do People Drink Coffee

Final Thoughts

Based on those stats, we can see that coffee drinking is more popular than ever. That’s not to say the numbers aren’t impressive now, after all, around 50% of Americans drink coffee every day. And remember that this number doesn’t include the consumption of tea or soft drinks in addition to coffee. Even so, it’s clear that there are plenty of people out there who wouldn’t start their day without a cup of joe. Let us know how many you have on average in the comments below.


Is iced coffee popular?

Iced coffee is definitely popular. It’s a great way to cool down during the summer and it’s delicious too! Plus, it’s a convenient way to get your caffeine fix without having to drink hot coffee.




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