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Are there really high paid online surveys for money that is a legitimate way to earn a good amount of money in 2020?

Yes, absolutely!!! There are thousands of market research companies looking for people just like you to participate in surveys and receive compensation in exchange for your opinions.

It allows them to gain a better understanding of future product and service trends and to make extremely accurate predictions about which products will be popular in the future.

Despite the fact that there are numerous legitimate survey sites that pay cash, you should be aware that survey scams do exist.

As a result, we have carefully reviewed and provided the top high paid online surveys sites for money, allowing you to begin earning money by participating in online surveys immediately.

List of Best High Paid Online Surveys for Money

Rather than wasting time to find high paying survey sites, we have provided a top survey site that you can sign up now and start earning money in your spare time. 

1.Branded Surveys

An online branded survey is a world-class research and marketing platform that assists businesses and brands in making better decisions about the products and services they will or are planning to provide.

As a member of branded surveys, you will be compensated for your time spent completing surveys and providing feedback on the product or service.

It is only available to users in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom, and they must be at least 16 years old.

To open an account with branded surveys, it is critical that you meet the minimum requirements. This is because you will be required to set up your profile, and based on your profile, you will be sent survey offers to complete.

Payment Info:

On average, you will earn about $0.50 to $3 dollars per survey which is a pretty decent amount because it only requires 10 to 15 minute to do each survey. 

As soon as you have met the minimum cash out requirements, you will have the option of receiving payment through PayPal, giftcards, prepaid visa cards, and major retailers such as Amazon, among others.

Furthermore, it has a large number of positive user reviews that reflect well on the platform, and many blogs recommend it as the number one survey site to use to make money.

Thus, sign up right away and begin earning money right away!


Believe it or not, InboxDollars has paid out over $80 million in cash rewards to its users, and you will soon be a part of a fantastic survey platform where you can earn extra income.

For Inbox Dollars, you will be asked to complete simple tasks like paid surveys, watching videos, playing games, earning cashback on online purchases, being paid to read emails, and a variety of other simple tasks in exchange for money.

As an added bonus, as a new member of inboxdollars, you will receive a $5 bonus for simply creating an account, which is a simple process that takes only a few minutes to complete.

Users from the United States and the United Kingdom are eligible to use it, and the minimum age requirement is 18 years old or higher.

The average income varies and is dependent on a person’s demographic. A high demand exists for getting opinions from certain demographics because products or services that are primarily targeted at those people are in high demand.

On average, you can earn between $.50 and $20 dollars per task in the survey category, depending on the task.

It is necessary to earn $30 dollars in order to cash out, and once you have earned $30 dollars, you can transfer funds to PayPal, gift cards, and numerous other payment methods.

3.Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is yet another well-known survey platform that offers a substantial amount of money in exchange for completing simple surveys.

The procedure for receiving payment is straightforward and simple.

Once you have signed up with Survey Junkie and created a profile, Survey Junkie will begin to provide surveys to you through your account dashboard.

The average payout for each survey varies depending on the user’s age, profession, and a variety of other factors, but on average, you will earn $3 dollars per survey completed.

Location and age are the two most important factors in determining whether or not you qualify for Survey Junkie.

To be eligible, you must reside in one of these three countries: the United States, the United Kingdom, or Australia.

To be eligible for a paid survey, you must be at least 13 years of age.

It is necessary to have a $5 dollar balance in order to cash out, and once you have $5 dollars in your account, you will be able to receive payment via PayPal and a variety of other gift cards.

4. KashKick

Kashkick is a rapidly expanding platform that rewards its members with cash for completing a variety of tasks such as answering surveys, browsing the web, watching videos, and a variety of other activities that you might do on a daily basis online.

Kashkick has the lowest payout threshold among its competitors, and you can get paid directly to your PayPal account.

Besides that, it is completely free to use and earn additional income online.

Kashkick is currently only available in four major countries: the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

Providing you are consistent in completing the small tasks provided by Kashkick, it is entirely possible to earn $10 to $50 per month, which is a significant amount of passive income from a single survey website.

Remember that you have the option of signing up for multiple survey sites, which means that you can earn more money by completing more tasks and surveys.


One more well-known platform, MyPoints, offers you the opportunity to earn points for completing surveys, shopping online or in-store, dining out, and discovering new content.

At the moment, Mypoints is offering a $10 welcome bonus to new members, which makes it simple to earn money quickly.

So, how do my points accrue?

In a nutshell, for each task you complete, you will earn reward points, which will eventually be converted into dollars.

As a result, if you shop online frequently, you will be able to use Mypoints to earn points, which will then be converted into cash.

6.Opinion Outpost

Opinion Outpost is simply a platform that allows you to be compensated for your opinions, and it operates in the same way as other well-known survey sites do.

Signing up for an account is completely free, and over 2 million users are currently utilizing the platform to generate passive income on a daily basis, with the best part being that they are doing so in their spare time..

As a result, you can become one of those 2 million users and earn passive income without having to make any investments or travel anywhere.

You can earn money by participating in a variety of surveys, including product tests, advertisement reviews, diary studies, focus groups, location-based services, and ad survey studies, among others.

Once you reach the minimum balance threshold, you will be able to receive payments via PayPal, Amazon Gift Cards, Visa Prepaid Card, and a variety of other payment methods.

7.Panda Research

Panda Research is yet another well-known survey research company that was founded in 2005 and has continued to thrive in this market category since then.

Since the program’s inception, it has distributed more than $2 million in payments to its participants.

There are a variety of other ways to make money besides completing surveys.

Referring new friends to the platform and reading emails, which have a maximum value of $25 dollars, are two ways in which you can earn additional money.

To earn additional income, you can promote Panda Research through your social media accounts such as  Facebook and Twitter as well as your personal blog or any other account you may have.

You can also earn and save money by taking advantage of coupon, giveaway, and sweepstakes opportunities.

Once you have reached the minimum payout amount, you will be able to receive payment through PayPal or gift cards.

Please keep in mind that Panda Research pays its members on the first and fifteenth of every month.

The process of receiving payments is very straightforward, and it only requires three steps to be completed.

You must first sign up for an account, then complete an offer, and then you will be compensated.

According to the Panda Research website, there are several ways in which Panda Research differs from any other survey site.

Panda Research claims that their website has some unique features, including cash payments, data privacy, a support team, and the ability to accept surveys from any device.


Among the survey sites that are widely used is Swagbucks, which is one of the most popular. In exchange for taking a short survey in your spare time, it deposits money into your bank account.

Was it ever brought to your attention that Swagbucks sends out 7000 gift cards every day to its members, and you could be one of them for the simple act of signing up and completing a short survey?

You have the option of receiving payment in the form of gift cards from major retailers, or you can choose to receive payment via PayPal in the form of cash.

Many popular websites, including Buzzfeed, The Huffington Post, and others, have recommended it as one of the best survey sites to use.


YouGov is an international market research company headquartered in London, United Kingdom, that was founded in 2000.

As of right now, it is present in 47 different countries around the world.

A simple platform for those who are interested in earning some money for their valuable opinions. It is not a business.

Once you create an account and begin participating in surveys, you will accrue points that can be redeemed for cash rewards.

Once you have completed a survey and earned rewards, YouGov will process your request immediately, allowing you to receive your payment more quickly.

You might be interested in learning how I receive surveys from YouGov.

It is entirely dependent on invitations.

YouGov will send a wide range of topics straight to your email inbox or yougov app which is completely free to download and easy to use. 

If you decide to sign up for YouGov, I strongly advise you to download the app as soon as possible.

Because you conduct the majority of your surveys through your mobile app.

I would recommend this survey platform to anyone looking to supplement their income, but there is a better option available called a Branded survey.


LifePoints is a market data analytic company powered by LightSpeed which is part of Kantar Group.

In 1947, it was founded as National Family Opinion and has been in operation ever since. It currently has more than 5 million members, which is a record high.

Since the beginning of the journey, it has paid out more than 22 million dollars to its members, who are located in more than 40 different countries around the world.

LifePoints is an online survey community that rewards consumers for their efforts to make the world a better place by sharing their valuable opinions. 

It is a good platform to sign up for an account and earn additional income for yourself.

For each survey you complete, you will earn points that can be redeemed for egift cards from major retailers such as Walmart, Starbucks, and many others. 

It is yet another excellent option that you should investigate further.

Finally, because it has expanded to 45 countries, it is an excellent platform for international consumers.

It’s something I’d recommend.


With SurveySavyy, your opinion matters to such a point that you will get paid for it.

It was founded in 1999, and continues to operate currently to provide you an opportunity to earn extra money for your opinion.

It is currently owned by Ruth Research Company that offers valuable insight to businesses to make better decisions on their business and brands.

For sure, you can earn money through surveys, but you can also earn money through referral programs which you can promote via social media platforms and your personal blogs if you have one.

You can earn money through participating survey, behavioral research which connect to your desktop that will track your activity. 

Overall, I do not recommend this survey platform due its lack of transparency about the company and amount of money that can be made through the platform. 

Final Thought

In general, surveys can be a good source of extra income if you have some spare time on your hands. If you put in the necessary time and effort, it will almost certainly result in some financial gain for you.

There is no such thing as a free lunch. Even if you simply share an option, it is your time to provide that thought, and therefore you are technically compensated for your efforts.

If you want to avoid becoming a victim of fraud when signing up for new survey sites, there are some things you should keep in mind.

Never pay to be a part of a survey website.

Is SurveySavvy legit and safe? That question might cross your mind at some point.

It is a fair and legitimate platform that offers cash for your opinion.

Another question you might ask is  does SurveySavvy pay through PayPal?

At the moment, SurveySavvy does not offer payment via PayPal. It is only offered as a gift card. 


Do surveys really pay $350?

If you sign up for a survey site that pays $350 dollars, it is most likely a scam survey where you will be required to purchase a membership plan before you will be provided with a high paying survey offer.

Be on the lookout!!! There are no legitimate survey sites that require you to pay a fee to become a member.

Furthermore, most market research organizations invest significant resources in recruiting people to participate in their research and compensate them for their time.

So make sure to conduct thorough research before signing up with any survey companies, and if you don’t have the time to do so, use our top-rated survey site to supplement your income.

Which survey apps pay the most money?

Despite the fact that the answer to this question should be summed up in a single word.

However, the reality is that the types of surveys you will receive and the amount of money you will earn are determined by your demographics, geographic location, and other various parameters.

As a result, the most lucrative survey will be offered to you based on your fit into the most demanding demographic.

As market researchers, they are constantly on the lookout for a very specific type of individual to take part in their survey in order to make accurate predictions about the future.

But there are some popular survey sites that pay well, such as Branded Survey, Swagbucks, and many others, that you can participate in.

Do online surveys actually pay well?

The reality is that you will not be able to earn enough money to support yourself and your family in your daily activities.

Make money in your spare time, as almost every survey website will tell you. As a result, you can earn some money that can be used as a source of additional income.

For those considering doing surveys full time to supplement their income, I do not recommend joining as a full-time participant because there are no survey sites that pay that much money in a given month.

As a result, I recommend that you sign up for as many surveys as possible in order to maximize your earnings.

How can I earn extra cash?

If you have some spare time and want to make some extra money, taking surveys is one of the options you could consider exploring.

It provides surveys that you can complete in your spare time for the opportunity to earn money for your opinions. It is simple and straightforward to complete.

All that is required is a computer with an internet connection or a mobile device with an internet connection.

If you are using a phone, you will be able to do it from anywhere and earn additional income for sharing your thoughts.

So sign up for one of the few survey sites available today and see how much money you can make by simply completing surveys.

Can you really make money with online surveys?

What’s the harm in trying!!! Market research companies are actively seeking people just like you to participate in surveys and earn money as a result of their efforts these days.

Because it assists the marketer in making better decisions, and at the same time, you will receive additional compensation for sharing your thoughts on a product or service.

You can make money doing surveys, without a doubt, but you won’t be able to quit your full-time job and make a full-time living doing surveys.

Do it in your spare time and earn some extra money as a side hustle, and that’s it.

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