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Are you a newbie of Facebook advertising or do you want to test the power of Facebook ads in your business? Then, there is nothing better than this offer of free Facebook ads credit to boost and make your campaign even more successful.

You Must Read: Advertising on Facebook is expensive since many businesses use the platform to promote their products and services. And for that reason, you must try out  great alternative that is Bing Ads Network which offer $100 in Free Ads Credit to start advertising on their platform

Note, Bing ads are part of Microsoft advertising Network which include other search engines such as Yahoo. 

Free Facebook Ads Credits

Latest Free Facebook Ads credits

There are three ways that you are able to get free advertising credit to start your campaign. Number one is that facebook will send you periodic promotions that you will receive my mail and that code is unique to you. 

Here is the list of Coupon code that you can try today. Note: These code I have share are from through interent search. I haven’t tested the code.

  • 36KT-32T1-F16K-5N9N
  • 61GT-27Q1-H56V-0M9Y
  • 71CV-9R62-VX6K-85V4
  • 1WR3-80VA-41KA-62FB
  • 21CV-9W62-VQ6K-18VF

Number two option is to use alternative ads platforms to advertise your product or service. One of the most effective and low cost ways to get in front of the customer is to get advertising in the microsoft ads network which include Bing, Yahoo and many others. You can earn free Bing ads credit by using this link.

Currently, you are able to get a $100 Sign up bonus to start advertising on their platform. Note, that it will require you to spend $25 dollars on their ads platform so you are able to get the free ads credit and able to start spending those bonuses on your ads campaign cost.

Number three option is getting ads credit from sites that are facebook has affiliate or partnership. 

What is the bad news on Facebook ads credit?

The bad news is that facebook does not offer code or coupons that are available to the public or internet so you are able to use it to get the bonus as other platform offers such as Bing, Google, Snapchat, and others.

In order to save time for you to search for facebook credit on the internet, we have done some research and include some of the ads code which we do not guarantee will work and in our opinion it will most likely fail but worth trying by wasting a few minutes of your time.

Here is list of code:

If you are really interested in advertising your product or service in the social media space then try other social media networks such as Snapchat which offer at this moment of $375 dollars when you spend $350 on your ads campaign. 

Also another great option is linkedin, again if your targeting audience fits for the audience that linkedin has then it will be great options to get a $100 free ads bonus to start advertising on the platform. 

How ads credit work 

If above ads code or any other ads code works then keep in mind these things so you can use your advertisement properly.

These ads bonus will only pay for the cost of advertising after you redeem the offer. Other words, you can’t use this promotional ads credit to pay off existing balances that you might have in your account.

Remember that if your ads campaign spend more than the credit you redeem for then facebook will charge the card or original payment method that you set up during the sign up process to begin the das campaign. 

So make sure to budget your ads properly, so that you will not overspend and will not get charge on your cards. 

Also, make sure to spend your credit within 30 days after you have claimed your bonus. Otherwise if you do not spend the whole credit amount then credit will expire and you will lose this bonus. 

So when you set up the campaign, make sure to spend your budget in such a way so at least you spend your bonus amount so you are able make the most benefit out of it.

Quick overview of Facebook ads and why you should use?

It is an undeniable fact that facebook and google dominate the digital advertising market and they are on the top for a reason .

Facebook has a better return of investment compared to other traffic channels due its social share and other factors. 

One study done by wordstream found out that the average conversion rate of facebook ads is 9.21%. 

To be mentioned that facebook have a giant user base which makes one of the popular advertising platforms in the marketing industry. Facebook has about 1.6 billion users and among them 54% are women and 46% of them are men which is an impressive figure that every marketer and advertising needs to know before choosing their ads platform to start advertising their brand and service.

One effective way to build a brand is to spend money on social media to get your brand to show in front of the huge crowd that this platform offers. 

Also to note that facebook is not place to advertise for usa only in fact facebook have about 50% use that are foreign speakers that reported by sprout social blog article. 

So you and your brand want to reach globally, there only few platforms cna offer it and those include facebook, google, tiktok, instagram, facebook messenger  and many others. Note, that you are planning to advertise in instagram, you must use facebook ads network reach instagram audience because it is part of facebook ads network

Now lets took about little bit on facebook ads format 

There are many formats and objectives to choose from. Again facebook is huge and it has great targeting options, for example, you are able to target even people with marriage that has 2 children and many other interesting targeting features that makes advertising more effective and profitable. 

The more targeted audience is, the more profitable the campaign will be and this is a simple basic rule of the advertising field. A targeting audience will determine whether your campaign survives or not.

So targeting the right audience is a key factor of every good and profitable ads campaign. 

Enough of targeting! Let’s talk about ad format

Ads format include image, video, carousel, instant experience, and collection. It all depends on your ads campaign goals that will determine what ads format is best for your campaign. 

Again make sure to test out different ads formats to find what works best for your campaign and what format ads offer the best ROI. 

Data is game here. 

Your decision to spend money or to stop campaigns or to try alternative platforms will depend on our data. Data will tell you everything about where the campaign is heading. 

That’s the reason we recommend first try out different platforms before sticking to 1 or 2 that offer the highest return on investment.

Final Words

So make sure to try these codes that I have mentioned above. 

Also, you must sign up for a free Adzooma account which will be able to help you to track and monitor your ads campaign performance and provide tips to improve the conversion rate and overall ads campaign.

If you find any other code that offers facebook free credits then make sure to share it via comment and I will update in the post.

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