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Almost all giant retailers offer some sort of seniors discount for their customers and you might ask Is there any Amazon Prime Discount for Seniors.

Or does any Amazon Prime Discount Seniors Program exist since Amazon is the only online retailer without any physical location. 

Offer Alert: Click here for Amazon Prime 30 days free trial if it hasn’t started yet. Everyone qualify for this offer.

Here is Step by Step Guideline to Get Discount

  1. Sign up for Amazon 30 Day Prime Trials (if you didn’t sign up yet)
  2. Once you finish the 30 days trial period, use this link to visit Amazon Qualify Page
  3. Provide the Medicaid, SNAP, WIC, TANF Card number and upload the image of the card. 
  4. Once you finish, it will take Amazon about 3 business days to process
  5. Once the process is completed, you will see your prime membership price drop down to $5.99 per month.
  6. Verify the Card Number and Upload image every 12 months to get the discount rates.

Unfortunately, there is no Amazon discount for seniors. It is available to the people who are in some form of government assistance programs such as EBT, Medicaid, TANF and more and not for those seniors who have only medicare. 

If you are eligible then you can get amazon prime for $5.99 per month instead of $12.99 per month. But no matter what age you are currently, you are still eligible  for 30 days prime free trials. 

Click here to sign up for the amazon prime special offer for seniors who have EBT or Medicaid. The regular amazon prime member cost $119 dollars yearly but with the senior discount it will have it for only $60 dollars per month. Also it is important for you to be qualified each year since amazon will ask each year for EBT, Medicaid and Other government benefit program numbers to see if you are still active on the government programs. 

It is highly important to understand the requirement or qualification for amazon prime senior discount program. If you do not qualify for amazon prime discount then is there any other way around to get the discount, we will give some tips on how to get the discount without EBT or Medicaid card in the next section. 

Requirement for Amazon Prime Discount for Seniors Program

In order to apply for amazon prime discount seniors program, you must first look for whether you qualify for the program or not.

Unfortunately, even though it is called a senior discount program, all medicare receipts do not qualify for discount which in my opinion is morally wrong and a disrespect for seniors who do not have EBT or Medicaid.

Let look at first requirement and then we will discuss is there any go around method to get the discount

  • Food Stamps receipts ( SNAP) – Those people who used fund to purchase food and other grocery to live everyday life
  • WIC – Women, Infant, Children Programs for those who are pregnant or have a new born baby.
  • Medicaid – Medical Benefit for low income residents. 

As we talked about earlier, if you do not meet the requirement then how can you get the discount. There are only a few ways to get it and that is seen in your family or friends who are using these qualifying government assistance programs. If they do then you can use their name to open an account and use their information to verify with amazon that you are eligible for senior discount.

If you do not have that option available then you can also get amazon prime 30 days free trials which qualify  to everyone who never signed up for trials before. Also, if you have a family member, you can also get free amazon prime trials for each member of your family. So you can save money on amazon prime membership.

How to Sign Up For Amazon Prime Seniors Discount Program

The sign up process is simple and pretty easy.

What is Amazon Prime Senior Discounts

Simply, amazon prime discount for senior programs allow the senior to get the prime membership discount so they can enjoy the benefit of amazon prime at lower cost which helps them to save money for other things. 

And as a prime member of amazon, you can get access to lots of special benefits and features that are offered to only prime members only. You can get access to benefits such as 2 day prime shipping, exclusive discount, and others that help you enjoy amazon and buying online experience.

Why Amazon Offer Seniors Discount

The main part of this post is why amazon offers a senior discount for its senior customer. Since, the senior discount program is not a new business tactic, it is used by local supermarkets and many others small grocery and pharmacy.  There are two questions that need to be answered in order to answer this point on why amazon offers a seniors discount. The questions are “ why amazon targets seniors and what makes amazon offer attractive.

Why amazon targets seniors – The reason begins, often the seniors do not prefer to shop online and they stick to purchasing the old way which is to visit the store and get the product or service they need. So these amazon prime offer lower membership cost to attract seniors to get into their platform and then amazon is able to get a good amount of sale revenue from these age groups. 

What makes amazon offer attractive – the important fact is that  not only amazon offer prime discounts, they also offer special discounts for seniors and they create a day for senior sales which is called “ Amazon Senior Sales Day”. These allow amazon to reach the age group that is very difficult to make them purchase from online. 

So if you are senior and have the qualification to open amazon prime at a discount price, then take advantage of the program and start shopping at a lower and competitive price from amazon.

Amazon Prime Benefits

coming soon

Cost of Amazon Prime

Cost of amazon prime is for a regular price at $12.99 per month which equates to $119 dollars after the yearly discount. And even though amazon offers discount prime for seniors, it is not completely free membership for seniors. 

If you have met the qualifying requirement which we have mentioned in the requirement section of the post, your monthly amazon prime program will cost $5.99 which costs yearly around $59.88. The fact is that amazon prime for seniors offer only month to month subscriptions, you will not get the yearly subscription discount because no such subscription plan exists in amazon prime membership plan. 

Also, there is something called a renewal period every 12 months. This allows Amazon to check that you are still at the government assistance program. If you have been disqualified from the government assistance program, then in the next amazon prime renewal, your discount will be canceled and if you would like you can convert your amazon prime membership to a regular prime member account which requires a fee of $12.99 per month or $119 per year.

Is there an Amazon Prime Discount for Seniors

Definitely Yes. There is a big discount for amazon prime senior program where you can get the amazon prime for $5.99 which is 50% off from regular amazon prime membership as well as other special offers for amazon prime senior customer. 

Is there Amazon Prime Discount for Seniors on Medicare

It is hard truth and heartbreaking for seniors who are on medicare because currently amazon do not offer discount prime membership for amazon seniors custom who is on medicare. We hope that in the near future amazon will rethink their plan and offer a discount for seniors who are on medicare. 

Note: if you didn’t qualify for the program then make sure to check out the some tips that I have shared on how to get the discount without begin meet the requirement.

Final Thought

Finally, if you are seniors who are active customers of amazon or the seniors who are intended to make a transaction with amazon then getting the amazon prime membership is must and why not have it with discount. It offers great features and benefits that you will not find with a regular account.

These days, almost all products that amazon listed on their site, have a amazon prime with it so you can enjoy the 2 day free shipping. Also you get a good discount on each purchase as a senior member.


These are questions that are often asked by amazon senior customers who are intending to get the amazon prime at discount rate. 

How can I get Amazon Prime cheaper?

The only way you can get amazon prime at a cheaper cost is to qualify for government assistance programs such as medicaid, ebt, tnf, and more. 

How do I get Amazon Prime free for life?

Unfortunately, there is no way you can get the amazon prime membership free for life. You can get the 30 days free trials which are available to new amazon customers who never sign up for amazon prime free trials.

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  1. You should offer something for veterans, or veterans with at least a 70% disability.
    Senior discounts could start at a later age ie. 65 or older. Not all seniors qualify for SNAP. With the virus right now it is unsafe for a lot of seniors to go out.
    Thank you

  2. We would like the Senior discount of $5.99 when it’s available to us seniors on Medicare. Please let me know when that’s available.
    Thank you…..Elisabeth & Gerald Rude.
    P.s. we are both on Medicare

  3. Please consider giving a senior discount to seniors on Medicare. Even though we don’t receive government hand outs we still are on limited fixed incomes and would greatly appreciate the help this would give us.
    Thank you

  4. A Medicare discount would be helpful for seniors who would like to have Amazon Prime. Please consider this for seniors on Medicare. Thank you

  5. After reading all of your rules about how you apply for a senior discount, I am extremely disappointed in your company. You are making millions and millions of dollars from the American citizens that use your service. You should allow anyone over 65 who is a senior citizen to get a discount as many other corporations and businesses do. You are very successful company as everyone in America knows! Pay it forward!!

    1. It absolutely makes no sense for Amazon not to offer a Discount for senior citizens or loyal long-standing Amazon members. I am 66 years old and have been a loyal customer since 2011. I wish there was a united front and effort by senior citizens to boycott amazon for this total disrespect to seniors. I contemplate just stop shopping Amazon because it angers me that I purchase products all the time and feel no respect or loyalty from Amazon.

  6. Times are tough for Seniors. I am retired and receive SS. I am not on any kind of assistance. I have had Prime for years. I just can’t afford it anymore with all the increases in food, utilities, medical etc.
    why has Amazon not offered reduced rates for Seniors not receiving government assistance! Kinda shameful. Bezos could certainly afford to offer this.

    1. I think it’s a crying shame as long as I have used Amazon and they can’t give seniors a break. SHAME ON YOU AND YOUR COMPANY.

    2. You’ve got that right. But it seems he doesn’t pay his employees that well either. It’s called the rich getting richer, which is what this pandemic has done for him while costing many people their jobs and livelihood. Inflammation is at an all-time high as well. I guess us seniors are screwed.

  7. Feel I am being discriminated for having worked until I retired. Punished again for working and worked hard as a registered nurse working weekends and holidays . I’m sure I speak for every senior citizen .Wish I never read about your discriminatory policy.Need to rethink how I shop.

    1. Nancy I am with you all the way. I can’t understand that just because I am not trying to get anything free from the government and I promise you I have worked anywhere from forty to sixty hours a week from age sixteen to age sixty.. I have it really hard trying to make ends meet every single month. I have nothing left to spend on anything that would bring pleasure to my life at age seventy two. And it looks like I am going to have to cancel Amazon. I can’t believe that I have to be on Medicaid or be getting food stamps to get any kind of assistance from them. You know we seniors just sometime need a little assistance without having to swallow our pride and ask for handouts. It’s a shame that Amazon can’t just give their seniors a little assistance.

  8. Maybe you should reconsider a Senior Discount for Senior Citizens. It is becoming harder and harder to pay the continual higher prices on basic living costs. I like Amazon, but certainly it should be improved with lower prime costs and maybe specials. Many of us have worked hard throughout the years and don’t expect any sort of help but it would be nice to have a little reward once in awhile.

  9. Medicaid is a low income health card. Medicare is for senior citizens and those on disability. You confuse the two. There are a number of errors you should correct. You said the discounted price is $60/month not $60/year. Both are wrong. It would be $71.88/year plus tax.

    1. Just thought to Mention …
      Prime Members, Without the Discount, Pay $12.99/no. which adds to $155.88/yr. This amount is a lot, for most, but I have found enough items over that amount $12.99/ month, most of the time but I read a lot and like their selection of music so it pays for itself, Especially at Holidays. Christmas and birthdays.
      I do know quit a few seniors that cannot afford this even with the Prime discounts and I honestly think that they really ‘need’ the discount. Maybe give it to them with limited area discount to just buying Items. Or make a different Seniors Discount like it could just say … Senior2 Discounts?
      Just a thought. I’m 70 years old and partially disabled but the $12.95 is ok for me but, like I said, I benefit from prime more then that and remember young man, “what goes around comes around.”
      Hope there are add-in’s to mine because I need back up here. Change needs others to help.


  10. I am a retired RN, worked hard my whole life. I was blessed to never be on any government assistance but I do now live ss check to ss check. The cost of living makes it hard to pay for things when you are on a limited income.
    I think its great to help those seniors that are on government assistance to get a discount on Prime but I think I should be offered the same option…I don’t see why that’s fair. I would hope you will reconsider for the near future for those of us not on any government assistance.
    Thank-you for your consideration,
    Marni Brooks

  11. Amazon is discrimation against seniors who are on medicare vs medicaid. People who are on medicare worked until they retired. I receive SS that is all. Why don’t people like me get a discount on prime? Does not seem fair. Seems that a lot of younger people use Amazon orime and ythat Amazon could give all seniors a discount. Everything is going up, but it it really hard for seniors. Give all seniors a break.

  12. You should come out with a plan for people on Medicare. It’s not fair to have to take go Gov. Money like Medicaid to qualify for Amazon senior discount. If you’re on Medicaid you can’t afford to shop on Amazon. You would have more customers of you accept Medicare in the usa

  13. I’m very glad a few other players are getting into the ‘Amazon Prime’ business. I won’t be in such a hurry to renew my membership, since I can get similar services without the initial investment…….That, and the fact that I can’t stand the Amazon culture and Bezos….just sayin’

  14. I have a question I want to register to get Amazon Plus for senior citizens now what is Amazon show movies all movies in new movies I receive Social Security and I have Medicare and medical and I receive food stamps too.

  15. The problem with this world is the low life’s lazy people make out better than the hard working people. With all the discount they get they make out better than me. Your better off being a load to society. Government needs to make all people to pull their weight. They should do commuity service or something like that.

  16. i just read your Seniors Program. my husband and i are both in our 70’s and are retired. it seems to me that amazon should give this benefit. while we don’t have the Medicaid or EBT program we are living on our social security benefits of which we are entitled. We are regular customers but now that I’m seeing an annual fee of $127.57 we may rethink
    Amazon in the future.

    1. There is another increase of $139.00 for the year 2022 Seniors need a break! Most of use are only on SSA or a PENSION. Probably don’t use prime as much as others, but would like a chance to stay with Prime. Not sure what percentage of your market are Seniors.

  17. I live FAR out in the county. Walmart & Sam’s Club do not deliver to my location. I constantly have trouble finding someone to pick up my orders. I am a disabled 75 year old why can I not be on Prime. I have a fixed income and just barely avoid government assistance Again why can’t I qualify????? I frequently place orders for 10 cases of soft drink or 10- 55#bags of dog food those are difficult (near impossible) to get someone to deliver. Why can I not be Prime???? You are TOTALLY
    Unfair in exclusion of seniors that are disabled!!!!

  18. I’m also a Senior on SSA and pay for Medicare. Why not give a discount for AARP members. Its a shame when other companies offer discounts such as that, vs. Amazon only honoring discounts to lower income recipients?

  19. My next door neighbor who is on Medicaid and in her thirties can get the Senior discount? I’m 61 and living in SS. and yet don’t qualify. Being old gives wisdom, so the wisdom is not to buy from Amazon!


  21. You need to add Medicare to your list of people who qualify for discounts. Also, you could add an age requirement (like anyone 50 and over) to your list of people who deserve to receive a discount for patronizing your business. It’s not fair to penalize people because they don’t receive certain types of assistance. I have spent a ton of money with Amazon. It seems that I should be rewarded, not disqualified.

  22. I am so disappointed in Amazon I am on Medicare but not Medicaid and it’s not fair they get everything free why should they get a discount but not people just on Medicare we have to pay for everything I shop on Amazon for everything but cant afford prime membership I think I will just go back to buying everything from Walmart that is where I used to shop all the time before I was told about Amazon I will rethink buying from you you are discriminating

  23. It’s shameful that a big corporation like Amazon doesn’t offer this discount for seniors with Medicare we feel disrespected to all your categories and would like to be treated the same across the board not categories. Thank you for your time from a senior citizen thats been paying full price for years.

  24. I had an Amazon Prime account for quite some… It’s been a long time since I’ve ordered anything. I’d like to get my Amazon Prime membership once again but don’t know how to do this. Is there a representative that I can talk to on the telephone?

  25. Shame on you for not offering a discount for senior citizens who are not on government assistance ! We worked hard and long to get where we are and could use a bit if help ! You’d make a lot more money in the long run !
    Please reconsider your policy, thanks !

  26. Why do you not offer a discount for 55+ customers for Amazon Prime and/or other things. As a Government employee for 36 years, I think we are deserving. I have spent so much money on Amazon in the past.

  27. i worked hard my whole life. the people i know on medicare have scammed the system and still get discounts. it’s a shame

  28. I am on SS and am disabled and do most of my shopping online. My granddaughter makes most of my purchases on Amazon Prime. It is very inconvenient because sometimes she’s unavailable when I need to make a purchase. It doesn’t make sense. If all seniors were allowed to have the senior discount you would make more $$$. Duh

  29. I am a 73 year old senior citizen. I’m also a 100% military service connected disabled veteran USAF 1967 – 1979 HONORABLY DISCHARGED). Where many companies offer substantial discounts to seniors for their products and services, others offer discounts to veterans. BUT NOT AMAZON. You may want to seriously rethink your policy or possibly risk a mass exodus by senior citizens from your Prime Membership program

  30. Well well well….I guess if you worked hard to provide for your family….you are simply ignored unless you are on food stamps??? AMAZON…IVE paid for Prime since it came out and NOW unless I’m in someway needing government assistance I can get a DISCOUNT.? I’m rethinking all the money I spend on Amazon…..

  31. I have been a Prime member for years. I surely do not use all the fancy things that are available as a Prime Member. (My Choice) My husband also has an account. So next renewal we are now talking $270. I don’t think we will be keeping both accounts anymore and yeah the SENIORS Discount is absolutely ridiculous. Let’s just cater to the ones who get assistance already and the heck with the ones that work their butts off to stay off of any kind of assistance or programs.

    If they are going to raise the prices, then offer TRUE Senior discounts to ALL senior citizens.

  32. so you are a Vietnam veteran, retired military Veteran or a retired Safety officer like a police officer or firemen who all risk their lives to protect this country, are not entitled to a discount membership, but if you are on Welfare, Food Stamps or on a medical disability SSI or a college student and never worked a day in your life you are qualified to get a discounted membership, the rest of you hard working Americans that risked your life everyday are not.

    1. I 100% hundred percent agree with you! And several of the other hard-working Americans who have commented above! Amazon as with too many other government agencies seem to always give the handouts to those who are already getting in most cases government assistance. They are forgetting about the disabled, veterans and seniors!

      I am a disabled combat veteran and I have not been able to work since the Gulf War! Since the pandemic I have had to order everything online due to my severely compromised immune system fighting the 2nd brain tumor.

      As a veteran and a senior I do not qualify for this Discount! My food costs has tripled! However, my income has stayed the same! I have spent hours on the phone with Amazon applying for this discount! I was told twice I did qualify and then days later told I did not.

      I invite Amazon to reevaluate their policy. The way it stands now really helps very few seniors. If their goal is to actually help seniors. Here’s a great example;
      Amazon Senior Membership;
      Starting March 1, 2022
      ALL SENIORS 55+ May apply for a half-price membership per year.

  33. Come on Amazon – you are discriminating against Seniors! We all deserve a discount! No just a chosen few. Bad public relations.

  34. Amazon for seniors should be any person on Medicare. Period! Medicaid does not mean you are a senior citizen. I can understand giving a discount to those on Medicaid, too, but if you are going to say discount for senior citizens then make the discount for seniors. Period.

  35. Seniors on Medicare should be able to get a discount for Amazon Prime Please reconsider your policy for this year Many , many seniors would be very appreciative of this consideration.

  36. I resent that Amazon is giving discounts to people on government assistance programs instead of to people who worked hard all their lives and are now senior citizens. I believe senior citizens have earned a discount whilte people on government assistance already get government assistance and should not get any discounts from companies when most of them are unwilling to work. Most of those people are just using the system and now Amazon is rewarding them even more. That’s not right.

    1. I shop Amazon a lot! I think it’s really sad that they don’t offer a discount to senior citizens! Giving people a discount that are on public assistance and free shipping,really! Some of us struggle to make ends meet every month and a lot do their shopping online because they have no transportation to get anywhere. I think your company should rethink this policy it’s not right!

  37. Other than a desire to make some more money, I believe Amazon would have a hard time validating the ages of all of us seniors. Maybe(?) that’s why they don’t do it? Sort of like some voting practices – how do you validate the age of a person who sends in an absentee ballot. It can be done, but would involve many more workers and a great deal of time! And time is money (right?) SO who wants to lose money. It doesn’t appear in this case that Amazon wants to spend the time or money t offer discounts for seniors.

    1. If you can validate a student id you can validate someone’s age. Amazon could just ask for a driver’s license to be uploaded.

  38. The title of this website – “#1 Trusted Guide: Amazon Prime Discount for Seniors 2022” – is inaccurate and misleading.

    Amazon has NO discount for seniors on Prime services. The touted “discount” discussed here is for individuals who are on some form of public assistance program, such as food stamps (a.k.a. EBT) or Medicaid. Those benefits are income-based, not age-based.

    I’m a senior currently using Amazon Prime services. But I will be cancelling my Prime membership at renewal time in March. I can no longer justify the expense of Prime, which by the way will go up to $139/yr. starting at the end of March.

    Amazon has created a very profitable business model, but mainly for the shareholders. I don’t begrudge them for that, but I do regret that Amazon’s business model dehumanizes its employees with oppressive work conditions.

  39. You need to stop saying that you offer discounts to seniors, and change it to “some seniors.” Your business ethics are discriminating against seniors who aren’t receiving government assistance.

    1. I just got done talking with an amazon rep via chat as my husband is a senior and a Navy vet. From my google search it appeared Amazon offered $40 off in 2019 for military veterans. Of course, we did not know that so we were not able to take advantage of this offer. I told the rep this and he offered us a $10 credit. I asked if this was the best he could do and he said yes, so I took it. He applied a $10 offer to our next order which I’ve already used. We shop on Amazon weekly and are seniors so getting a senior discount or military discount would have been very helpful esp. with inflation being out of control and prime going up 15%

  40. Why can’t veterans who receive payment for service related disabilities get prime at a discounted price. They served this country and should be recognized for this.

  41. I am 84 years old and applied for the senior prime rate of $5.99. if has not been applied to my hefty bill for many S amazon items going back severeal momths. I e repeatedly tried to upload my well used EBT card, but have had it for MaNy users. I need to place another order but need the lower senior rate. E

    Please help !THANKS

  42. Would love to have prime but living on ss can’t afford the price. Surprised there is no senior discount. Will have to use other sites.

  43. Amazon stop calling it a Prime discount for seniors this is a prime discount for low income .Amazon does nothing for the Seniors .Stop paying these high rates there are to many options out there and some are free music. Online reading etc .I have been a member for a long time but Amazon is slowly becoming a waste of money ,have gone back to ordering clothing from other stores that do not have all these third party sellers .Amazon has grown to large that they can no longer control what is being sold on their site and a lot of misleading garbage.

  44. They are going to miss us when we are gone. I personally spend chunks on 💰each month on books for my Kindle. I feeling such disrespect from Amazon for so many people who have written in already to express their feelings of abandonment by Amazon over this Senior discount. It’s truly disrespectful how they are treating this great generation so I’m speaking with my dollars. Bye Bye Amazon.

  45. I have read all the other comments from seniors regarding not being afforded any discount only if you are on assistance!! I also am rethinking all the money I have paid through the years and money I have spent on orders and my prime membership!! They should rethink their position on not offering a discount to seniors who have been faithful to Amazon!! And to add further insult the price of membership keeps going up!! I know I am just another voice in this disappointment but as older citizens and customers OUR VOICE NEEDS TO BE HEARD!!!!

  46. I totally agree with all of the comments. IT IS NOT FAIR to the seniors not being able to get a discount for membership.

  47. It is a shame that I worked all my life and at almost 71 still have to work but don’t qualify for the senior discount and will think twice before ordering from Amazon and will try to find other options. I have disabled in my home and still don’t qualify????????

  48. Yes seniors should have a discount. Some of us just may be a few 100 dollars over from qualifying, some of us have spent years in a risky public service job protecting the people who do get government assistance. Why can’t you qualify for prime if you have an Amazon credit card, surely Amazon is getting money from their card.

  49. I am 66 years old and have been a loyal Amazon customer since 2011 . It is total disrespect for seniors not to be offered some type of discount. I contemplate often to stop buying anything from Amazon. I wish seniors would unite and boycott Amazon for this disrespect.

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